Our Week Pool Dates, the Lake, and an Engagement.

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend!! 

Our Week with Having the Porch Stained, Sweet Magnolias, and GNO!

Hey Y'all! How is your day going so far?? I am recapping last week! 

Our Week with Shopping, Packing, and Santa Rosa!

Hey Y''all! Happy Wednesday!! How is your week going so far? It's hard to believe that in 2 weeks it will be Ella's 2nd day of school! I can't even y'all!! I need a longer summer!! But I am back with another recap of last week! 

Our Week with 4th of July, A Pool Day, and A Date Night

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I am back with another recap! I am recapping July 3rd-9th! 

Monthly Goals | July 2023

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday!! I didn't set any goals last month so I thought I would share a few to wrap up our summer vacation. I am not even going to bother to see how I did in MAY! That seems so long ago. 

Our Week with My Sister turning 50, Cute Pool Dates, and The Lake.

Hey Y'all! I was hoping July would bring back my regular blogging schedule but as you can see that hasn't happened so far! I am enjoying summer with all of my people!