Craft Room Tour & Giveaway!!

Come on in! I am so EXCITED to share my craft room with you guys! It is truly one of my happy places!! I just completed my mini craft room makeover! You can see what it used to look like here!

It didn't get a huge facelift but a facelift that I love even more than before!!

Hello Monday!

Gosh I can't believe how fast this weekend went! For us to not have a lot flew by!! 

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Last week I had to rent a carpet cleaner because ole Trixie is having a time potty training! Luckily most of our floors are hardwood, but our bedrooms are carpet! 

Friday Favorites {Fashion}

YAY for Friday and YAY for no plans this weekend!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that we have NOTHING on the calendar.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my FAVORITE outfits from this month!! Since Lindsay over at Lindsay's Sweet World showed us exactly how to take the perfect OOTD picture!  So I tried to take my perfect OOTD picture as well as she does but I need more practice!! Thank you Lindsay for the tutorial!

How to Apply a Vinyl Decal

Have you ordered a cute decal from Etsy or bought one from the store and have NO idea how to apply it! Well I am here to help you!! 

Please note I am still learning my new camera and lighting, so bare with me on the pictures

What's Up Wednesday

I seriously cannot believe I am typing the 'What's Up Wednesday' post for JANUARY! Where has this month gone?? I feel like we were just toasting the new year and now we are a month in! I guess time does fly when you are having fun! HA

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Valentine Popcorn

Popcorn is a weakness in my house. Ok maybe it is just a weakness for Ella and myself! The boys could live without it but if Ella and I are watching a movie....popcorn is a MUST!! 

I thought it would be fun to share our Valentine's White Chocolate Popcorn today! 
Popcorn and Chocolate...oh my! 

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? I think this is going to be the most boring weekend recap I have ever posted! But it was a fabulous weekend! We didn't really do much of anything and it was awesome!! 

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Friday Favorites!

YAY for the weekend! Why do 4 day weeks seem to last FOREVER?? Anyone else feel that way? So glad it's Friday and we have a pretty relaxing weekend planned! Love chillin' with my FAVORITE people!!

Sharing some of my FAVORITES from this week!!

This Nail Polish Swap is going to be SO MUCH FUN and Monday is the last day to fill out the form to be in the swap so hurry up and sign up!! Pretty nails and toes are ALWAYS a FAVORITE!! 

How to Glitter a Stemless Wine Glass

How is your week going so far?? I have a love/hate relationship with 4 day weeks! I LOVE the extra day with my kiddos but man I HATE how it gets us all off schedule!! HA

Well enough with me griping!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret! I'm going to show you how I glitter all my stemless wine glasses!! I use the same process for wine glasses with stems, coffee mugs, tumblers, etc!!

Recipe Club

So happy it is Recipe Club Day! I hope you will grab our graphic and join Johannah and myself! Personal Creations is helping me out with my post today!!! 

Happy Blogiversary

This time one year ago, I remember debating whether or not to start a blog! I knew it would be a big commitment on my part but I really wanted to some how still "scrapbook" since I hadn't physically scrapbooked in SO LONG! I knew I would want to remember everything I could about the kiddos! Then, of course, doubt starting creeping in like who would even read my blog. However, on January 18th, 2016.....I published my very first blog post and it was an introduction to my little family! I can't BELIEVE that I have been blogging for 1 year! It has really flown by! I can't even begin to describe to you how thankful that I am that I started this little space of mine! The friendships that I have made are still unbelievable to me! I speak to a couple of  blogger friends on a regular basis and have never seen their face in real life and I'm ok with that! They will always be dear friends of mine!! I enjoy reading my list of "Blogs I Love" each morning! Those ladies and their families have grown near and dear to my heart!

hello monday

Hello Monday! I hope you have had the best weekend~ We are out of school today in honor of MLK so we are off to antique shop!! 
I'll share any good finds with y'all later this week! 
We had a great weekend~ Pretty low key and relaxing!! 

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Friday Favorites {Birthday Edition}

Hello Friday and Hello Weekend!! It was the kids first full week back in school from break and we are so happy we are heading into a long weekend!!

Sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week! Within 5 days, we have had 3 birthdays in our family!! We have had a week of celebrating and we plan to carry the celebrating into the weekend!

One Little Word

I have seen several people on social media choose "one little word" that was going to be their word for that year! But I never did....I always set new years resolutions but never a word
This year I decided to join in on the fun! It took some thinking on my part to carefully choose a word that I wanted to use for an entire year! But I really thought about and the word that continuously popped in my head was BELIEVE

2017 New Year's Resolutions

I am so excited to share with you my New Year's Resolutions! I know to some people resolutions are scary....but not to this list making girl!! 
I love my monthly goals and I love resolutions even more!! 

I am keeping my resolutions pretty short this year! 
My main goal is to make a few "lifestyle" changes

Tuesday Talk {January Goals}

I realize we are already into the second week of January but I feel like we are finally back on our regular schedule after being off for 2.5 weeks over Christmas Break! 
I really like to set monthly goals and see what I can get accomplished for that month! 

This month's goals are short but time consuming.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Monday and Happy Birthday to ME!
I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and stayed warm!!

 We were prepared for a lot of snow but this is all we got!
 I was excited but the kids were so disappointed!! 
And it's suppose to be close to 70 by the end of the week!! HA

Friday Favorites

YAY We made it to the weekend! It was rough getting back on schedule this week! We enjoyed our lazy mornings over the break:) However, they are predicting snow here this weekend, so we could possibly have a "snow day" on Monday!! I hate snow...well I should rephrase and say I hate "ice" and in Georgia we mainly get ice! The good Lord planted my roots in the South for a reason! I love warm weather!! I guess I just need to keep going South! ;)

Sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week!! 

Our NYE Shenanigans. You can read my recap here 

The many sleeping positions from Trixie are my FAVORITE! I wish I could sleep like she does! She will crash anywhere! 
My two FAVORITE girls! They were fighting to get in my lap! :)

FAVORITE pups! One was excited the kids went back to school and the other was not! I'll let you figure that one out! 
My FAVORITE snore! I love a pug snore!! :) Call me CRAZY! 

So Monday we cleaned out the kids MAJORLY cleaned out their rooms! I guess I should say...Ben majorly cleaned out the kids and they did a fantastic job! Well when they got to Ian's closet! This is what Ian did afterwards.......

His closet door! 
The shoe collection! Shoes are Ian's FAVORITE thing in the world right now! HA 
My nephew, Eric stopped by last night and ate dinner with us! He was building a bridge with Ella! Building things is one of Eric's FAVORITE things to do!! He can build just about anything! 
Plus, Ella loved having her big cousin's undivided attention!!  :) 

I opened my Etsy Shop back up this week after taking a much needed break to enjoy the Holidays with my FAVORITE people
And I think these my be my two new FAVORITE wine glasses! 
Because all you really need is LOVE and WINE :) 

What would be in your 'Pot of Gold'

We have had a great week! But it is rough trying to get back in the swing of things after 2.5 weeks off! HA 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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NYE 2016

Happy Thursday Friends! The kids went back to school yesterday! I missed them terribly, but I did get a lot accomplished! I have been so busy cleaning and organizing that the day flew by!

I am finally getting around to recapping our wild and crazy New Year's Eve Night!! Y'all we were CRAZY!! Ha just kidding!
We had some of our really good friends The Boswell's over for dinner! Ben's parents and his brother stopped by for a little bit but they didn't hang till midnight!!

We started our evening with a few girl photos in the photo booth! The boys were not having!!
LeighAnne and I struggled with the props! ;)
Ella kept telling LeighAnne to move her glasses and we thought she was crazy! 
Now we understand what she was talking about! HA 
Of Course, the young girls look just fab in their photo booth get up!! 

Then it was dinner time!! Ben cooked a low country boil! Thanks to The Boswell's we eat this meal a  good bit now!! Rob has this meal down to perfection and he so graciously shared his skills with Ben! 

Don't be jealous!! Ha 
It was heavenly! 
Ladies first! ;)

We usually have a Christmas dinner with The Boswell's but this year our schedules just didn't match up, so we exchanged presents at NYE! 
and for some reason I only have pictures of Ella opening her gift;/
Harry Potter Socks :) 

Then we started with the New Year's Eve Shenanigans!
Bailey LOVES Trixie

She snapped this funny picture of Trixie and texted it to me:)

Ben shot off a lot of fireworks....I just didn't get any good pictures:(

Watching 'New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest" 

Oh Sweet Thomas Rhett....
Let's not even mention MC's horrible performance! ;/

Cheers to 2017! Love you sweet Leighanne!! (I know she is reading maybe she will finally comment! HA)

The girls wanted to join in with their sparkling grape juice! 

Love My Boswell Girls! 
Barely hanging on at 12:02! 
"Mom, do not take my picture" HA 

I quickly cleaned up and headed to bed! I thought I would share a few of my "NYE"decor! Nothing fancy but I thought it was festive~~

Y'all know how much I love my apothecary jars! 
Wine Corks.....everyone needed wine on NYE! 
Midnight Kisses!  :) 
And Confetti! I wish I would have planned better and cut silver and gold tissue paper! 

Cute little "Happy New Year" chalkboard sign
A Welcome 2017 chalkboard sign by my front door!! 

On New Year's Day, we took the kids to play Lunar Golf (glow in the dark putt putt)

Then it was home for puppy snuggles! 

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!! 

xoxo. Heather 

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