Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Monday and Happy Birthday to ME!
I hope you guys had an awesome weekend and stayed warm!!

 We were prepared for a lot of snow but this is all we got!
 I was excited but the kids were so disappointed!! 
And it's suppose to be close to 70 by the end of the week!! HA

So today is my 37th birthday...wow 40 is really creeping up on me!! 

I thought it would be fun to share 37 things about me or at least try :)
I have almost being blogging for a year so I had not published my first blog post on my birthday last year!! When I saw Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls birthday post I thought it would be fun to do the same and see how much will be the same or change come next year!! 

So here it goes......

1. I am a mix between a type A and type B person....How on earth that happened I have no idea! I am very organized, neat, and tidy on the outside of my surfaces (all through out my house) but open a cabinet or closet and you better watch out something is likely to fall on you! 

2. I do not have a competitive bone in my body but if I write down a list of things to do....I must get that  list complete before the end of the day! I have been known to stay up to all hours of the night completing said list! It's almost like I'm competitive with myself! 

3. I drink A LOT of coffee with a lot of creamer! Ben says I should just drink creamer! HA 

4. I drink A LOT of wine, Pinot Grigio to be exact!  

5.  I am so clumsy. Ben swears I trip over air! 

6. I am obsessed with Rae Dunn coffee mugs

7. I love anything that sparkles

8. I wish I could sew

9. I have brown curly hair and blue eyes, which I know now is a rare combination

10. I tan really easy in the Summer. It drives my sister crazy! We are 1/8th Cherokee Indian so that is why I tan so easily.

11. I always have my toe nails polished....ALWAYS! They are currently sparkly green! 

12. I wear a toe ring year round. My newest toe ring I got while Ben and I went to Savannah! It's from Perfect Toe Rings!! LOVE IT! 

13. I am a planner NERD! My planner generally looks like a scrapbook! :)

14. I am a book NERD! I read as much and as often as I can! My goal this year is to read 36 books!

15. I hate exercising

16. I hate folding clothes

17. I am a list maker. I have list everywhere! 

18. I have had 7 cars 

19. I have known Ben since we were 11 years old

20.  Ben's moms birthday is 4 days after mine and Ben's dads birthday is 4 days after his and we are the same age apart! 

21. I use to scrapbook all the time and now I never do. One of the reasons I started blogging to have an "online" scrapbook

22. Lots of people ask if my sister and I are twins, but in reality she is 6.5 years older than me! :) 

23. I have 2 half brothers. 

24. My parents divorced when I was 6

25. I don't think my mind ever shuts down. I am always listing things that I need to do...hints the 100's of list I have going

26. I love having an Etsy shop and have big dreams for it this year

27. I love to clean

28. I am a very impatient person. If I get something in my head I want it done immediately 

29. I hate snakes. 

30. I hate lots of chest hair on men. It totally grosses me out! one of my best friends husbands is extremely hairy (she LOVES it) and he will purposely hug me when we are at the pool or lake because he knows how much I hate it!! HA

31. I love to go Antique shopping. Colleen and the kids are my favorite people to antique with.

32. I want to take a road trip to Waco, Tx to see the Silos! 

33. It blows my kids minds that I am older than the internet

34. I LOVE country music

35. One of my favorite cities to visit is Nashville, TN 

36. Ben and I LOVE going to concerts. We go to several every year! 

37. I have been to Paris and Monte Carlo! 

WOW That was easier than I thought!  

Maybe you learned something about me today!! HA 

I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC Monday!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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