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Break Time

Hey Friends!! I just wanted to pop on today and let you know that I will be taking a little blogging break this week!!

My kids start back to school in a little over 2 weeks and I want to enjoy this time with them!

I plan to be back Monday! I hope you guys have a fantastic week!!!

Hello Monday | Spa Edition

Hello Monday! I hope y'all had a great weekend! We sure did! I am recapping our week last week instead of just my normal weekend recap.

 I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Last week, I was busy filling orders and creating new creations. I will be doing much of the same this week because we leave Thursday for the LAKE! I have also been working on updating listings. 

Like this Roses and Wine Glass! Who is watching The Bachelorette tonight??

Who is ready for FALL & FOOTBALL Y'ALL? Hey, I think that needs to be on a wine glass! 

Get your Game Day Drinking Squad ready!! 

Just about a month and a half till GAME DAY 

I love custom orders! This one cracked me up! 

Wednesday afternoon looked a lot like this... 

Thursday- I ran a few errands, got a manicure, then we just hung around the house. We grilled BBQ chicken since Ben's former golf coach was staying with us! 

Friday- We met a friend at the pool. That evening, I cooked Mexican for dinner. We all went to bed early! 

Saturday- I left the house around 8:30 to SPEND THE DAY at The Spa!!!! Ben and the kids gave me a gift card for Christmas. 

Here is how my day went...

10AM- Hot Stone Massage
11AM- Seasonal Pedicure
12PM- Lunch 
1:15PM- Microdermabrasion Facial 

The facial was LIFE CHANGING!! I have mentioned before that I suffer from hyperpigmentation especially on my upper lip. It is SO embarrassing. I could not believe how much lighter my dark spots were after the treatment. 

A little after 3:00, I left the spa and met Ben at the golf course. He played golf with 2 guys from his office and Ian. When they finished their round of golf. One of the guys took Ian to meet Grammy and Ella at the pool because Ben and I were kid-free for the evening. We spent the night at one of the cottages on the golf course. 

We went to The Winery for wine tasting. We were going to do the wine tour but it was really crowded. 

We enjoyed dinner at Marc which is located inside The Winery.  Our servers name was Ian 😉
My handsome dinner date. 

On the way out of The Winery, I snapped a selfie. 

Ben snapped a picture of me in front of the vines. 

We headed back to the cottage and walked around hole 18 at the golf course. It was a beautiful evening. 

Ella was really missing us while we were gone...NOT 

Grammy and Granddaddy stayed with the kids. During the day, Grammy, Ella, and Ava (one of Ella's friends and Ben's cousin's daughter) met Kim and one of her friends at the pool. Kim's friend had 3 children. 2 that were smaller and Ella got to play "babysitter" all afternoon and she was in HEAVEN! She loves little kids. 

Sunday morning, Ben and I walked over to the clubhouse for coffee while we waited on his parents with the kids and Chris and Kim for Brunch. 

After brunch, the guys headed out on the course while the ladies went to the pool. 

We got home from the pool around 3ish. I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, laundry, cleaning up a little bit, blogging, printing orders that came through over the weekend. Oh, but I did squeeze in a 45-minute nap! 

What did you do this weekend? 

Friday Favorites | Podcast

Happy Friday Friends! How was your week?? We had a pretty low key week with not a whole lot of anything new so today I thought I would switch up Friday FAVORITES and share with y'all my 5 FAVORITE Podcast.

Are you a Podcast listener? I'm a relatively new podcast listener. I listen to them in the car, while I walk, even while I clean the house!

Here are my 5 FAVORITE Podcasts. I listen to all my Podcast via my Podcast App on my iPhone.
I'm actually listening to The Big Boo Cast as I type this post!!

It's no secret how much I love Rachel Hollis. I absolutely LOVE listening to her Podcast.  I love hearing about her everyday life such as meal planning and prepping, how she started her business, just everything.

RISE with Rachel Hollis

The Goal Digger Podcast has really helped me with trying to build my shop. I love listening to Jenna's tips and knowledge. Jenna is positively AMAZING!  

The Big Boo Podcast is so comical. I laugh so hard listening to Melanie and Sophie!! I love their fashion tips, makeup tips, and their everyday life of what they love and hate!! Did I mention that I LAUGH SO HARD while I am listening to their Podcast??? 

I just recently discovered the Simple Pin Podcast (Thanks, Erin) I am really trying to learn more about Pinterest because I have noticed that a lot of "clicks" for the blog and my shop come from Pinterest. I have listened to a few episodes so far and they are a FAVORITE for sure! 

I have mentioned before that I get a daily devotional email from Girlfriends in God Monday-Friday and I just recently discovered that Gwen Smith one of the GiG has a Podcast, Graceology! I couldn't wait to listen.  I love her writings with the GiG!! Gwen is just precious! 

Are you a Podcast listener? If so, What is your FAVORITE Podcast(s)? 

Linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika

Five on Friday girls!

 the High Five Friday girls!