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WOW...I Can't Believe it's Over.

Happy Friday Friends! This week has been EMOTIONALLY tough. Ian "graduated" from 8th grade and Ella "graduated" from 5th grade. I can't believe I do not have a child in elementary school anymore. It just seems so unreal. Mamas- it's true...DON'T BLINK!

Here are a few FAVORITES and HIGHLIGHTS from our week.

Summer Bucket List

As of 10:00 am, we will OFFICIALLY be on SUMMER BREAK! It has been the most emotionally exhausting week and it's only Wednesday!

But for FUN I thought I would share our SUMMER BUCKET LIST...

Our Weekend with the Pool, Pizza, and the Park

Hey Monday! It's the last Monday of the school year and we are SO EXCITED!!!!!!! We had a great weekend and a VERY BUSY week ahead. I will be so glad to see next week where I can just play catch up on everything! I am so behind.

I'm recapping our weekend fun and I hope you will join us!!

Friday Favorites | Thank Goodness it's the WEEKEND edition

Y'all I am EXHAUSTED. Why oh Why is the end of the school year so dang exhausting?? But Praise the Lord, we only have 2.5 days left. We can do this...

I'm sharing a few FAVORITES from this wild and crazy week. 

4 Ways to Easily Take Care of Your Teeth with Braces

*this post was sponsered but all opinions are my own

My son, Ian just got his braces off and my daughter Ella, is still wearing hers, so we have definitely learned quite a bit over the past couple of years when it comes to caring for your braces. Health and wellness is extremely important to me and that comes into play with braces, as well. If you do not take proper care of your teeth while wearing braces, this could potentially lead to major issues down the road. Here are just a few easy ways to easily care for your teeth with braces:

I got the BLUES...

Anything blue is really catching my eye this season. For this month's Pin it & Spin it, I am sharing 3 BLUE outfits.

I hope you will grab the graphic and join me.

Our Weekend celebrating Mother's Day

Happy Monday Friends! It's our LAST full week of school and we are so EXCITED and so SAD at the same time because both kids are closing a chapter in their lives. Ian is finishing middle school and Ella is finishing elementary school.

As usual, I am recapping our weekend so grab our graphic and join us!