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Pin it & Spin it | June 2019

Hey Friends! Can you believe it is the 3rd Wednesday of JUNE! I can't even handle how fast this summer is going by. My northerner friends are just getting out of school and I am over here thinking school starts back in 6 weeks. Do you know how fast 6 weeks will go by? FAST...

Well enough about that, let's get to this month's PIN IT & SPIN IT!! 

CMA FEST | Part 1

Hey Friends! I am finally getting around to recapping my girls trip to CMA FEST! We took so many pictures that I am going to break it up into 2 parts.

Part One will be Days 1& 2, Then Part Two will be Days 3 & 4. So grab a cup of coffee or wine and enjoy!

On the evening of June 5th, Leigh Anne and I drove to Chattanooga, TN. Which is about the half way point between home and Nashville.

Once we arrived at our hotel, we dropped off our luggage,  and headed to the hotel bar.

Our Week ending with Father's Day

Hey Hey Friends! So sorry for my radio silence last week. Between returning home from CMA FEST and having computer issues a blog post just didn't happen and for that I apologize. I ended up getting a new iMac so hopefully I am good to go now.

With out further ado, I am going to recap last week. I  hope you will grab our NEW graphic and join us!

Father's Day Gift Guide for the Golfer & Cigar Lover

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Well CMA FEST is over and we are headed back to reality today! I hope to get a recap up tomorrow but it will most likely be Wednesday. Trust me you will not want to miss it and it make sure of that you can sign up for email notifications on the lefthand side of the blog.

I do hope you will join us for Hello Monday!

Friday Favorites | Herb Garden & Homemade Salsa

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. We are having a blast at CMA FEST!! Follow along with us on IG!  

Life Lately with Poolside Planning & the Pups

It's FINALLY CMA FEST! Y'all I am so EXCITED! Make sure to follow along on IG. 

I'm sharing a little bit of life lately. Last week, Ella ad I dropped Ian off at the driving range and we headed to the pool for the afternoon.

Where I did a little poolside planner in my petite planner. 

All American Summer

*this post contains affiliate links that may result in a small commission to My Glittery Heart at no additional cost to you. 

Hello Sweet Summertime (Yes, I know that the first day of summer is technically June 21st) but it's SUMMER break here and we are celebrating with all the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!