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I'm FINALLY getting new floors

Hey Y'all! Sorry I didn't get a post up today! My mother in law came over yesterday and helped me move everything to get ready for my new...


I am beyond excited to have this process almost behind me. I'm taking the next few days off to work on cleaning and putting my house back together!! I hope to return on FRIDAY!

I can't wait to show y'all a house tour soon!

Friday Favorites | Linen Closet Edition

Happy Friday Friends! We made it through the first FULL week of back to school! We are EXHAUSTED, to say the least! Good thing we don't have a whole lot going on this weekend! 

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week! 

My FAVORITE carpool buddy, Trixie, and I have been in action this week. Duke went one day with us and was miserable the whole time. He was panting the whole time along with being very restless. 

Trixie, however,  enjoys her front seat nappin' 

Tuesday was HAPPY MAIL day!! Melanie Shankle's Fearless Faith arrived. It is a 100-day devotional geared toward Tween girls! I think it will be perfect for Ella! So far she has loved it. I hope enjoying a daily quiet time quickly becomes one of her FAVORITE things to do! 

Speaking of devotions, I am loving Candance Bure's Kindness is the New Classy book. I read a little bit each morning and at the end of a chapter, it has a "Your Turn" section. I love how she writes about real life experiences. 

I am SO embarrassed to even show y'all my linen closet. It was BAD. It was so unorganized and stuff was EVERYONE.

EEK! I told you it was bad. 

But look at it NOW! Cleaned out and Organized. My FAVORITE way for things to be! 😉

I added this spice rack from Home Depot to the inside of the door to hold all of our travel size stuff. 

Did anyone catch CMA FEST on Wednesday night? A few girlfriends and I use to make CMA Fest our annual girl's trip. We haven't gone in a few years but we have already PURCHASED our tickets and booked our hotel for CMA FEST 2019! I am so freaking excited!! June 6th-9th can't get here fast enough 😉

I'll be sure we have these wine glasses in tow! 

Etsy has recently made a few changes for sellers, some I don't like and some that I do like. 
One that I like is the way that you can feature 5 of your listings. You could do this before but they were not this BOLD. This new feature is a FAVORITE, for sure

In cased you missed it this week... 

I shared a few new purchases from Amazon this week. This hat is most definitely a FAVORITE! Perfect for all my Nashville trips next year. 

We are back in the swing of school and our bookbag area is one of my FAVORITE places in the house. 

This past weekend, we hosted my FAVORITE golf tournaments of all time because I am one of the cart girls 😉
 The guy's outfits were pretty cute, too! 

What is your FAVORITE thing from the week?? 

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Five on Friday girls!

 the High Five Friday girls!

Back to School

The kids have officially been back in school for 1 week now. We are still trying to get into a back to school routine.
I'm going to share a few tips on how we make going back to school a little easier.


I  have shared our bookbag area before. This year I tweaked it just a little bit.

Here is the bookbag area during the day.

I got the crates 2 years ago at Michael's 

They are filled with books. I love my shiplap lover sign Stephanie gave me. 

The kids each need to take a book to school every day in case they have a few extra moments when they complete their work. 

The top two crates have clipboards in them with each kid's important papers for school. 

At the very top, I have jars filled with pencils, pens, and colored pencils. 

This is what it looks like when Ian and Ella get home! 


You have heard me shout my praises for these Yumboxes. I first heard of them from Andrea over at Momfessionals and they are awesome.  We try to meal prep every Sunday evening. 

I will sometimes put ranch dressing in the little circle part and it doesn't leak.


I REALLY think I found the planner for me this time, girls! I switched to the Erin Condren Life Planner with the academic schedule. July 2018-June 2019. My year revolves around the school year so it only makes sense for my planner to do that as well!! 

I write everything in my planner. If I don't write it down chances are very high that it will not get done. 

I chose the vertical layout. I break the 3 boxes for each day into Morning, Afternoon/Evening, and the last one is my To-Do list for the day. 
Are you a paper planner girl or a digital calendar?? 

For back to school clothes, we take the kids shopping to the outlets and the mall. We only get a few items to start since its still so hot when they start back to school. Then we will take them shopping again when the weather starts cooling off. 

My kids get in bed around 9:00 PM. and most nights fall fast asleep. Ian gets up at 6:00 AM and Ella gets up around 7:00 AM. 

How do you get your kids in a back to school routine?? Please share your tips below! 

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