Friday Favorites

Oh Friday..I heart you!! 

This has been the longest week of the summer, by far! I guess because I had so much to get done before the kids start back to school and I knew I didn't want to do it!.....maybe?? or maybe because I have a GNO tonight and I'm really looking forward to it!! 
Anyway, I made it to FRIDAY!! 

Enough about my pity party...let me share some of our FAVORITE from this week!! 

Our Trip to the Wild Animal Safari on Tuesday with our Children's Group from Church!! We seriously had the best time!! I recapped our trip yesterday, you can read about it here 

Monogramed School Supplies!! 
Yes ma'am!! Every notebook/folder Ella needed this year has her name or monogram on it!! Thank goodness for the cricut! 
Look at all the cuteness!! 

My Planner

I look forward to each week when I can sit down and plan our week! I like to have a game plan! 
I'm not one that freaks if our plans change, but I like to at least have a good idea of whats going on for that week! 
I also use this time to plan our meals! 

Customers Reviews~

I love when my customers post one of my goodies on social media! It warms my heart!!! 

My LuLa Roe leggings!! 

I can't say enough praise about these leggings! They seriously are as soft as butter! I have 2 pairs and I have washed and dried them and they are still PERFECT!! I could wear these every day of the week! They are AMAZING!! 

Hope you guys have an AWESOME weekend!! I have a GNO tonight and then the lake tomorrow! Then Sunday will be all about getting everything together for the 1st DAY OF SCHOOL :(
See you guys back here Monday for a weekend recap!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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Wild Animal Safari

Hey Y'all! Hope your week has been amazing so far! 

Tuesday we went to the Wild Animal Safari  in Pine Mountain, GA with our Children's group at Church!! 

It was HOT, but we had the BEST time!! 

Here are a FEW TON of pictures of our adventure! Sorry in advance for picture overload!! 

Here is the view as you drive into the park!! 

Our Group! 

Ready to feed the animals! 

Right when we pulled into the safari, the animals were ready to be fed! The tongues were GROSS!! 
We would just drop the food into their mouths! 

Waiting on more animals to feed! 

Here comes the deer! 

I think the Zebras were my FAVORITE! 

I mean look at that tongue!! 

Grammy joined the herd! 

Ella and Amelia checking out the giraffe (look in the distance)

Bus taking everything in...

"Mom, please STOP taking my picture'

Deer were EVERYWHERE! 

Check out that RACK ;) (I crack myself up)

He looks like he is saying "Thank you"

An Ostrich 

Check out this guy!!  

The kids LOVED it!! 

A Lion and Tiger! Thank goodness they were enclosed! :)

A Zonkey! Half Donkey/Half Zebra

My Ella Marie!! 


Their tongues were both GROSS and fascinating at the same time!! 

2 week old piglets

More Zebras

Charlie the Camel 

Buffalo towards the end of the tour! 

Jonathan and Ian! 

After the ride through part of the safari, we had a picnic lunch! 
Then went through the "walk through" part of the safari! 


A Hyena 

It's a "unicorn" haha


A baboon (he had horrible manners)

Priscilla the Sloth! Oh my goodness she was precious and Ella and I wanted to take her home!! 

Amelia just decided it was hot and needed to take a break with the goats!! 

God love her!! 

At the end of our day, we were hot, tired, thirsty, dirty, and my eyes were swelling! BUT we had an amazing time with our church family!! Such wonderful memories made!! 

Thank you 1st Baptist for making this trip happen!! 

Hope you guys have an AMAZING Thursday!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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