Friday Favorites!!


I have been looking forward to you!!

Today I am linking up with some WONDERFUL bloggers for...


This Bad Boy! It's my new HEAT PRESS!! It arrived yesterday and I am already in LOVE with it!! 
Here are some goodies that I have already made!!

 Like I said...ALREADY IN LOVE 


This week he came off of his ADHA medicine and Ben and I are THRILLED! He has gotten awesome reports at school! HE even helped me assembly 96 Valentine mugs with a pack of hot chocolate for this month's teacher appreciation gift!! 
He is so AWESOME and I am so PROUD of him!!


She has already started with so major sassiness, but I just love her tender heart! Poor Duke...she carts him everywhere!!

This Tumbler is MY Favorite!! I love it because I can drink my coffee from it in the morning...stick a straw in it and enjoy my cold drinks!! It's the simple things in life!!

This scrub that I made a few weeks ago! This crazy weather has my hands feeling dry and cracked! I scrub with this at night! It removes the dry skin and the coconut oil makes my hands feel so soft!! :)

That is it for this week! It was kinda of quiet around here! However, next week makes me tired already!!

Happy Friday Friends....Hope you have a GREAT Weekend!! 

What's UP Wednesday!

I am super excited about this post! I think I am going to enjoy looking back on these!!

What We're Eating this Week.....
same ole same ole...spaghetti, sesame chicken, spicy steak, etc

Hopefully next week I will put this planner to great use!!
Thank you Shay!

What I'm Reminiscing about....

These 2...why did they have to get so big! I mean I just gave birth to Ella last week..oh I mean 8 years ago!! :( 

What I'm Loving...

These people...This is my whole world in one picture! I can't get enough of them!!

What We've Been Up To...

Nothing to, homework, showers, bed, 
However, Ella does start guitar lessons next week!

What I'm Dreading....

Yes, I realize that Ian doesn't start middle school for another 7 months but I am still DREADING it with every fiber of my being....It just makes my stomach roll thinking about it!!

What I'm Working On....

Lots of goodies for 'Oh My Glitter'
lots of pictures coming on Instagram and Facebook

What I'm Excited About.....

Going to see this GUY and using my 'Better in Boots' Mason Jar!!
#tylerfarr #betterinboots

What I'm Watching/Reading....

I started this series a few weeks ago and I can't put it DOWN! Their are 14 books in the series and I just love it!! 

What I'm Listening To...

Normally when I am home and working in my craft room I just turn on iTunes Radio to the Country Station!!

What I'm Wearing....

Since most days are spent at is usually yoga pants and a t-shirt... I know I know...boring and TACKY!!
However, Ben's work party, Winterfest, is coming up and I'm wearing these pretties~ 


What I'm looking forward to Next Month...
This GUY!! #holysmokes

What Else is New...


What is My Favorite Valentine's Day Treat???

I LOVE Chocolate Covered Strawberries!! They are so YUMMY
I can almost  guarantee this is going to be a favorite in my house.... 
My people LOVE Popcorn and Conversation Hearts!!

Happy Wednesday Friends....

Let's Talk.....

So Today I am linking up with 2 of my favorite bloggers...Andrea with Momfessionals and Erika with A Little Bit of Everything!! They live over in the big State of Texas, but I think we should totally be besties...Just saying'

Now it's time for us to Talk..... What are my New Years Resolutions and What am I looking forward to....

New Year Resolutions:
1. Eat better and get more active which will lead to me losing weight and feeling better about myself!! 

So far this year...I have not done that great at this resolution but I am trying to be stronger than my excuses!! #21dayfix #onedayatatime 

I'm loving the work outs. But I need to become one with the containers!! 

2. Start a Blog

Well if you are reading this, then you know I started a BLOG! My goal for my blog is to share my family-kinda of like an online scrapbook, fashion, DIY, crafts, recipes, goals, girl talk, really anything!! This blog has a long way to go, but one day at a time! I want it to be pretty and eye catching! I need to take a class! I'm clueless when it comes to setting up the blog!! 

3. Bible Journaling- I love seeing everyone's post on IG on how they decorated their journaling bibles.. Well a sweet friend commented on one of my Facebook post about starting a bible study! Well we did it!! We have meet two times already and are meeting again in the morning!! I am so excited! We picked Lisa Harpers book 'A Perfect Mess'

4. Continue to make goodies for 'Oh My Glitter'- I would love to create something that is uniquely  mine!!  I can create tons of tumblers, water bottles, earrings, wine glasses, etc! But everyone makes those! I would love to create something that is unique..... that is the forefront of my brain!!

One of my favorite goodies so far this year!!

5. I hate to admit it, but I am a yeller and I hate myself for it.....I am working very hard to change that bad habit!!

I mean look at those faces! How could I yell at them!! 

6. Ben and I are really good at alone time....dates, concerts, trips, etc. I really hope we can continue that this year~~  We have our first trip planned to see Tyler Farr and Lee Brice in February! 

My honey!!! 

He gets major points for taking me to see this guy!! 

7. I need to make an effort to spend one on one time with my kids!! 

Do class parties count?!?!

What am I looking forward to... Being a better me and spend lots of time with my favorite people. 

I can't wait to read all of your resolutions!! Happy 2016 friends!! 

Valentine's Day Ideas!

I love Valentine's Day! It's such a fun little holiday! 

I have pinned a few Valentine's Day crafts and goodies from Pinterest that I hope to make in the next few weeks! 

I think this tissue paper garland would be cute on my mantle! It looks pretty easy! 
I could probably even get Ella to help me!!

This looks to cute! We could start it in February 1st!  I better get started on this tomorrow! 

We all know these are easy and super yummy! Perfect for teachers, neighbors, office staff, mailmen, or my UPS lady. Being a Prime member, UPS has been busy at my house!! ;-) 

We all love popcorn at our house, so this is a must!! 

Ella LOVES emojis, so we are making these for her Valentine's this year!! So cute!! 

I hope I can talk Ian into Valentine's one last year!! Maybe if we go with a Star Wars theme?!?!?! #maytheforcebewithme 

These are super cute and he loves Tic-Tacs.... So fingers crossed!!! 

These little heart shaped guys are super cute and easy to make, so I hope to squeeze this in one afternoon after school!! 

What are some of your Valentine's Day ideas, crafts, food, traditions??? I would love to hear them!! 

Life Lately

Life Lately has been pretty calm for us! (Knock on wood). 

Kids are in school during the day, evenings are filled with dinner, homework, showers, and bed...... Pretty boring😉

However, most Tuesday and Friday nights you can find us watching this guy play basketball

We love watching Cory and the JCCHS Panthers play some BB! 
So much so that this guy keeps the "book"!

Saturday night, we hung out with some pretty cool people! We ate, laughed, and played! We need to do it more often ladies!! 

Myself, Talia, and Michael have been friends for around 24 years! 
That group of kids are our greatest blessings and we can only pray they will remain friends!! 

Monday I started digging deeper into this book with my new bible study group! 
You can read more about that on yesterday's post! 

The rest of the week I have been busy making 'Oh My Glitter' goodies! 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Thursday mornings you can find me making second grade copies!! 

Pretty fun that Ben sells copiers and I make copies... Side note: he does not sell Ricoh and he hates this machine... So is life;) 

All while this guy is generally under my feet! 

And enjoying this.....

Wine and a fire!!

So that is our life lately! 

Happy Thursday Friends!