Friday Favorites | Red, White, & Blue Bar Cart

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you had a great week! Well I have one more way of decorating my beloved bar cart with y'all today! This is how it will pretty much stay until football season then y'all know it will turn into red & black. #godawgs

Our Week with Bailey's Graduation and a Lake Day

Happy Wednesday Friends! Instead of What's Up Wednesday this month I am recapping last week! I don't feel like we have been up to anything new.

I will warn you that it is going to be picture OVERLOAD because we had a busy week! 

I do want to back up to Sunday, May 17th. 

I mentioned in this weekly recap that we meet the boys at the course. Well I took a few pictures and wanted to add them.

I love these 3! 

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Monday! I hope y'all have had a wonderful weekend with your family!! If you blogged today make sure you link up below!

Friday Favorites | Fiesta Bar Cart

Happy Friday Friends!! I hope y'all had a great week! We have had a great week and a great first day of summer break! 

Simple Dining Room Table Decor

Happy Wednesday Friends!! Guess what today is our LAST DAY of school. Ian got everything completed and turned in on Monday and Ella got everything completed and turned in yesterday! Praise the LORD!
We will do a "drive-by" today and pick up Ian's yearbook at the school and then we will do the same at Ella's school in a few weeks. I have to say this has just been the weirdest year so far! HA

But enough about all of that! Let me show you a SIMPLE way to decorate your dining room table for Spring or Summer.


Our Week with Lots of Golf and a Trip to the Nail Salon

Happy Monday Friends! Well this week we are officially finished with school and I am so happy I could shout it from the rooftops! Ella has done really well with digital learning. Ian not so much. Sitting at a computer for hours on end is NOT his thing. He is a hands on type learner. We are so happy to start Summer Break this week!!

I hope you will grab our NEW SUMMER graphic and join us!

Friday Favorites | Popcorn Cart

Happy Friend Friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! On Mother's Day, we had an outdoor movie night! We watched DOLITTLE and I setup the cutest Popcorn Cart. It was a huge hit with the family!

Lazy Lake Days

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have really struggled with sharing these pictures because we did take two lake trips with some dear friends during our quarantine time but in the end this is my little space on the internet that I use as a scrapbook for our family so I didn't want to leave these pictures out. Yes, I know anyone can view, read, and leave comments. It's the ugly comments that I am hoping that I do not receive. Both families chose to spend this time together and we did follow the "no gathering larger than 10 people" but we not good at social distancing. I mean we did make sure to wash our hands more, not eat or drink after each other, etc. But we were not always 6 feet apart.

 We are backing up to March 27th-29th and April 3rd-5th 

March 27th- 

We got to the lake late Thursday, March 26th- got everything unpacked, the boats in the water, etc.

Friday morning started with Ben on a call with his team.

Mother's Day 2020

Hey Y'all! So Yesterday I left off at my Mother's Day morning so I am going to move that part of the post here and include the rest of our afternoon and evening. I just want the whole day together and Sunday night I just didn't want to sit at the computer and add the last few pictures! 😉

Sunday, May 10th- 

We got up, went to church, had brunch at the club. then I sent my gang off to play golf while I headed to the spa for an afternoon of pampering! JUST KIDDING! That is what I WISH we got to do on Sunday but in reality this is how our day went... (I got a few of y'all yesterday!!) 😜😜😜

My gang got up and headed to the golf course while I made myself brunch, watched church online, got ready, painted my nails, worked on this blog post, watered my plants, and emptied to dishwasher.

Now before you say "I can't believe they left her for Mother's Day"- DON'T worry! I enjoyed my quiet morning ALL ALONE!! Ben knows alone time is what I crave!

Our Week with Expanding our Circle and Seeing more People

Happy Monday Friends! I hope all you Mamas had a fantastic Mother's Day!! As usual, I am recapping our week so I hope you will grab our graphic and follow along.

Friday Favorites | Almond Milk, Milk Frother, & Nail Polish

Hey Hey Friends!! It's Friday and Mother's Day Weekend! Happy Mother's Day to you mamas! I hope you enjoy your weekend.

As usual, I am sharing a few FAVORITES today!

Monthly Goals | May 2020

Happy Wednesday!! New Month = New Goals 

What I Ordered from Amazon in April 2020

*this post contains affiliate links meaning if you make a purchase MGH may receive a small commission. 

Hey Hey there Tuesday! It's one of my FAVORITE post of the whole month! I am joining Tanya and sharing what I have been Priming lately.

Our Week with Ella's Visit to my Sister's House and Shelter in Place was Lifted.

Happy Monday Friends! It's a new week, a fresh start, and new goals to crush! But before we get started with our new week I want to recap last week!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

4 Small Businesses for all your Gift Giving Needs.

Happy Friday again friends! I feel like it was just Friday. This week seemed to fly by. Anyone else?

For today's Friday Favorites, I am going to share 4 of my FAVORITE small businesses that I have personally purchased from and love their products.

These 4 boss babes are available for all your gift giving needs starting with Mother's Day in just 9 days 😉