Our Week with Lots of Golf and a Trip to the Nail Salon

Happy Monday Friends! Well this week we are officially finished with school and I am so happy I could shout it from the rooftops! Ella has done really well with digital learning. Ian not so much. Sitting at a computer for hours on end is NOT his thing. He is a hands on type learner. We are so happy to start Summer Break this week!!

I hope you will grab our NEW SUMMER graphic and join us!

Monday, May 11th- 

I became a GREAT aunt again! My niece Amber gave birth to this handsome dude! Meet Daniel...

Sweet Baby Daniel was born with a heart defect and had to have heart surgery on Thursday. Praise the Lord, he is doing well but we would greatly appreciate your prayers!

I mean look at that sweet face. I just want to kiss his cheeks! We can't wait to meet him.

The rest of Monday was spent at the gym, cleaning, laundry, school work...you know all the fun stuff!

I did get my fiesta bar cart photographed. I will be sharing it Friday. This week I will decorate it red, white, and blue for SUMMER!

Tuesday, May 12th- 

I dropped Ian off at a nearby course to play golf with a couple of buddies. Then when he got home, him and I walked 3.3 miles to complete his final 5K for PE.

Doesn't he just look THRILLED!

It was HOT!

Tuesday evening it was time for Ella to clean Daisy's cage so I had to "babysit" her!

Wednesday, May 13th-

It was back to the gym for me! I love these ladies so much! They inspire me to be my best self!

Wednesday afternoon we met Ben at the course!

Ben played in a match while the kids played behind him.

I still can't believe this one is old enough to drive sometimes.

Thursday, May 14th-

I had to run into Target for more sinus medicine and I couldn't resist the "hot spot" stuff especially after Jamie shared her finds!

That evening Ella and I made bracelets from The Sandy Pearls.  I already purchased next months virtual Creative Workshop and it is so good y'all! Teal and Black!

Friday, May 15th- 

I dropped Ian off at the course, went to the gym, then raced home to get ready for mine and Ella's nail appointment at 11:45. Going back to the nail salon was amazing.

My nail salon is by appointment only, we had to wear mask, they wore mask and face shields, they had plexiglass between us and them in the pedicure chair and the manicure set. We washed our hands before our service and after. I felt comfortable going back.

After our service, we went to the course for lunch and for Ella to play 9 holes. Ian had already gone back out for another 18 at this point.

Love this sweet girl but I'm not loving how grown up she is looking.

After the course, we dropped the kids off at home and met Jud and Stephanie at the rooftop bar again.

and I drank a beer. Y'all this might have been the 5th beer I have ever drank in my life. I'm a wine girl but they ran out of my beloved pinot grigio.

Saturday, May 16th-

My boys headed to the course while I enjoyed my quiet time on the back deck. Ella slept in and around 11:00, we started getting ready for the day!

We ran to Target to get a baby shower gift for my nephew and his wife's shower (Hunter's mom and dad), went to the shower for a little bit. By the time we were leaving the shower the boys were heading home from the course, so they stopped and picked up mexican for dinner.

The rest of the evening Trixie and I chilled on the couch!

Sunday, May 17th-

My boys headed back to the course while I was a busy bee. I did laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge, made almond milk, watered my plants, and type this blog post before 10:00 when I went to the back deck for my quiet time and church.

At Noon, I picked up our grocery pick up and then later meet the boys at the course for them to play 9 holes with Ella!!

How was your week and weekend??

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