What's Up Wednesday {August 2016}

August has come and gone!! 
This year is FLYING By!! 

It's another edition of What's Up Wednesday and I'm linking up with MelShay, and Sheaffer

We answer the following questions!! 

So Let's get Started!! 

What We're Eating:

Monday: Fajitas
Tuesday: Spicy Steak
Wednesday: Panini's and Soup
Thursday: Chili 
Friday: Slidders 

 15 minute Fajitas that I will be sharing on September 15th 

Make sure to grab our graphic and join myself and Johannah! 

What I'm Reminiscing About:

Summer- I miss our pool filled days and weekends on the lake! 

Look at how much fun we had....

Oh the lake...

I HATE doing homework with my kids each night!! I understand why teachers need to send it home, but my kids are just over school by the time they get home! 

What I'm Loving:

The weekends!! Our weeks are generally pretty crazy! I spend most of my days working on PTO stuff, 'Oh My Glitter' orders, housework, carpool, getting the kids to guitar lessons, golf, etc. so I LOVE the weekends. 

What We've Been Up To:

Ben and I enjoyed a weekend away at the lake this past weekend with some friends! Other than that we have just been busy with school and work!! 

What I'm Dreading:

Coming to the conclusion to close my Etsy Shop. It is still currently on 'Vacation Mode'. I'm just waiting for the last few orders to arrive at their forever homes. 
I will still continue to sell items over on Instagram , so make sure to follow me!! 

What I'm Working On:

Getting all my Red and Black decorations made and out for the Bramlett Bulldawg Bash this Saturday!! 

What I'm Excited About:

Putting out all my Fall Decorations!! It takes everything in me to wait till the middle of September!! 
I will try my hardest but I can't make any promises!! 

What I'm Reading:

I posted last Wednesday some of the books I have read lately. You can find the post here! I just started 'Loving You' By Kelly Elliott

What I'm Watching:

Bachelor in Paradise. 
I'm not sure why! I guess it's like a train wreck. I just can't look away. 😜

What I'm Listening To:

Right now I'm stuck on Luke Bryan's 'Move'


And yes he has some "moves" HA

What I'm Wearing:

It's either my LuLa Roe leggings or exercise clothes. 
(and I don't have any new pictures of either)

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Saturday we are hosting the annual Bramlett Bulldawg Bash
Sunday we are taking a drive up the Sky Valley! 
Monday- recoup! HA

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month:

Fall! I love Fall!! The fall scents, the fall clothes, cooler weather. Oh Fall I heart you! 

What Else Is New:

Nothing really! We are so BORING!! ;)

Bonus Question:

What is your favorite transition piece for Fall?

This year I think it is going to be these shoes!! Andrea talked about them on her blog this Summer and I LOVE them! 

And I just realized they come in Leopard!! But they are sold out in my size :(

Hope you guys are having a GREAT week!! 

xoxo, Heather


Who Ya Rootin' for??? #godawgs

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
Hope your week is off to a great start!! My day got much better yesterday which I am very thankful for!!

Today I am joining The Queen's for 'Spiel The Beans'
Shelly and Katy

We BLEED Red and Black around here!! 
Our FAVORITE team is The University of Georgia Bulldawgs!! 

We have hosted a Bramlett Bulldawg Bash the first game of the season every year since Ella was born except last year!! But we already have big Bulldawg Bash plans for this coming Saturday!! 

Here is a few pictures from past Bulldawg Bashes!! 

My Crew 2009

My Bulldawg Babies 2010

I started a Photo Booth in 2014

The Bramlett Girls 
This year we get to add Kim!! 

Lots of Red and black decorations!! 

How Cute is this Burlap Bulldawg??

Because in the south we are all about mason jars and burlap!! 

Every other year we travel to Nashville for the 
Georgia/Vandy Game!! 

2011 we went with Jud and Stephanie!!

2013 we went with Rob and LeighAnne!

2015 we went with Steve and Wanda!

In November 2015 we took the kids to their first Georgia Game!! They had a BLAST!!

But Ella and I were way more concerned about making sure we spotted UGA!! 

We are all about The DAWG!! 

We already have a game planned to attend in November!! 

We also started taking the kids to the UGA bookstore when they were younger to get new GA gear for the Bulldawg Bash!!

Look how little they all were in 2009

Cory, Amber, Ella, Eric, and Ian!! 

Then this year!! 

I can honestly say that I understand VERY little about football! But I can throw one heck of a party!! ;)

We are so excited about having friends and family over on Saturday to make even more memories!! 
#godawgs #sicem

xoxo, Heather 

See you back here tomorrow for 

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! 
I hope this week is better than our start this morning!! HA

I am already running behind schedule today! I didn't get my post written last night and when I went to open the blinds this morning in our living room, they fell to the ground! HA
So I hope my coffee is STRONG this morning!! ;)

I'm linking up with Johannah for Hello Monday!! 

Ben and I had a GREAT time on the lake this weekend with some of our favorite friends, Rob and LeighAnne!! 
We look forward to our weekend getaway every year!! 

I made LeighAnne and I matching wine glasses!!

I did not take a lot of pictures this weekend because that would have required me to get out of the lake, get my phone, and take a picture!! And that was more effort than I was willing to give this weekend!! HAHA!

I love my LeLe
(that's what my kids call her)

Our Captain for the weekend!! 

AKA Rob! 

And if you needed Ben- He was either floating in the water or relaxing on the back of the boat!! 

He was not thrilled about the few pictures I did manage to take! 

Eating at Fish Tales! 
Their fish tacos are AMAZING!! 
(my point proven)

And look at sweet Rob and Leigh Anne!! I love this picture of them!! This was at Sunset Cove on Friday night!! 

Sunday morning, we ate breakfast, packed up, and headed home!! Back to reality we went~~

When Ben and I got home we unpacked, loaded up the kids and headed to Athens to get new game day gear for the 1st Georgia game of the season on Saturday!! 

Walking and playing around outside the bookstore!! 

Right across from the bookstore is the football field, so we walked over the bridge and let them see the field!! 

Dream big little ones!! Dream Big!! 

Go Dawgs!! 

After we left campus, we ate dinner at The Varsity! 
What'll ya have?!?!?

Well a Frosted Orange, of course!! 

Ella said "This is so good, it taste just like a push up"

We had a great weekend!! 
And here's to hoping our week is short! Because we are already looking forward to our holiday weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

Friday Favorites

YAY for Friday!! 
Ben and I are headed to the lake today for an ADULT only lake trip!! Did I mention we are so excited???

As usual, I am going to share a few of our FAVORITES from this week!! 

Gaining a Sister in LOVE was most definitely the HIGHLIGHT of our week!! We love Kim and so thankful she became a part of our crazy family!!! 

Tuesday evening, I had a meeting at Ella's school! It's a new program that her school is trying out this year!! You attended the meeting in your child's classroom, so of course I was looking in her desk!! I opened her pencil box to find she had made herself "motivational" sticky notes!! I love it!! 

Ella's FAVORITE this week has been her new Guinea Pig! She has really surprised me with how well she has taken care of Daisy!! I guess we will see how long she keeps that up!! ;)

She carries Daisy around in a basket!! HA 

Daisy "watched" her do homework! 

Cuddles with Daisy before school! 

I think Duke is a little jealous!! lol

A few new 'Oh My Glitter' Creations for Fall/Halloween! 

The Lake!! 
I am so excited to spend adult time with Ben and one of our very FAVORITE couples!! 

I will see you guys back here Monday for a recap of our weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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