August Goals

Over the summer I did not keep up with my Monthly Goals because I knew there was no point.... I'm just being honest! 

But now we are getting back to reality and I need to set myself some monthly goals. I need to have that feeling of accomplishment 😉. 

August Goals

1. Get into an "after school" routine. 
In the past I have let the kids play for a little bit before we started homework but just after 3 days of school I don't think that is going to work anymore. So we need to get into our afternoon "grove". 

2.  Clean out closets and drawers. 
I mainly need to clean out the kids drawers and weed out what doesn't fit anymore. I swear I think they hit a growing spurt this summer. Their closets are good!! 
I need to also clean out my drawers and reorganize them. 
My Tupperware cabinet makes my shoulder twitch. It's ugly. 
And don't even get me started on my linen closet. 
However, it does hold all my "extra" decorating stuff that I trade out through out the house and it gets messy FAST!! 

3. Game plan for Ian and Ella's room make overs
As I am cleaning out their drawers and working in their rooms, I hope to figure out how we want to "make over" their rooms! They both need new bedding and paint! 

4. Make 3 new fall creations for my etsy shop!! 
I have a few ideas brewing I just need to get them made

5. Finish 21 Day Fix. 
I have started and quit this program several times and just last night I went to a Vive class at a gym with 3 of my girlfriends and it was awesome so I'm thinking of joining... So there goes that goal BUT if I am working out and honoring the 80/20 eating rule then I call that a win!!

I think that is enough goals for the month of August!!!! 
Do you set monthly goals??? 
I think writing a blog post with my goals written out really helps to keep me accountable!! Plus, I am a HUGE list maker and I LOVE to check off that to-do list!! 
Hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday!! 
xoxo, Heather