My FAVORITES Moments from each Month of 2017

I hope you all have had a WONDERFUL Christmas with all your friends and family. We sure did... I am going to recap all of our Christmas fun over the next few weeks. I had intended to do those post earlier this week but Ben took the week off and we have so enjoyed our family time.

WOW...I can't believe Sunday evening we will be ringing in 2018. It is just CRAZY to me how fast this year has FLOWN by so before we say HELLO 2018, I wanted to highlight some of our FAVORITE moments from 2017.

FAVORITE moments from 2017


Merry Christmas Weekend, Friends. I am so excited for today's FIVE things Friday, What's Bringing me JOY because I am one of the NEW Co-HOST!! Thank you Stephanie, Beth, and Crystal for letting me join you guys!

These are some of my FAVORITE post because it quickly reminds me to enJOY the little things in life. Because one day it will be the little things that matter the most.

So I hope you will join us and share 5 things that are bringing you JOY right now in your life.

What's Up Wednesday {December 2017}

Y'all, we are 5 days away from Christmas and 11 days until January 1st. WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?? Seriously, I feel like it has flown by. Who's with me?

I am joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday!! 

Christmas Bar Cart + Cranberry Moscow Mule

Of all of my Christmas decorations, my bar cart is my absolute FAVORITE. I am so excited to share it with you guys today. It has been so much fun to decorate/change up for all the holidays and seasons. But I think Christmas might just be my FAVORITE. 

So without further ado...Here is my perfectly stocked Christmas Bar Cart plus my FAVORITE Cranberry Moscow Mule Recipe. 

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! I can't even believe it is ONE week until Christmas! The kids have school 2.5 days this week then our Christmas break officially starts. 

We had a fun and festive weekend. 

Friday Favorites

Y'all it's FRIDAY again. I feel like this week has FLOWN by! We have 3.5 more days of school then we are on Winter Break and we couldn't be happier! We are SO ready for a break!

Like most Friday's, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week.

Surviving the Holidays

Last year my friend, Stephanie, looked at me and said "you are a bah humbug" this year and she was ABSOLUTELY right. #truthhurts. I overbooked myself, I didn't plan well, I couldn't say NO to anyone. I thought I could do it all and still enjoy the magic of the season and boy was I WRONG. I was just WAITING for Christmas to be over so I wouldn't be overstressed anymore. #wasitheonlyone

So this year, I promised myself that I would NOT repeat last year and so far, I have NOT! It has truly been a magical time so far.

I made sure to enjoy this holiday season and here are the 4 steps that I have followed to make sure I stay MERRY & BRIGHT this Christmas season.

Deck The Halls

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about this time of year but I especially LOVE Christmas decorations. So today I am sharing how we "decked the halls" this year! 

I kept some of it the same as last year but I did change up some of it. I also went with "less is more" this year, as well. This is probably my FAVORITE post to write each year. 

Our Christmas Tree. 

Hello Monday {Great Aunt Edition}

Hello Monday and Hello Friends!! This weekend, I became a GREAT aunt...not because I am old but because I am FABOULOUS! I can't wait to share our newest bundle of JOY with y'all!! I hope you will join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! Remember anything goes...

Friday Favorites

Hello Friends & Hello Friday! I hope you have had a great week. We sure have so I am going to share a few of our FAVORITES!

Monthly Goals + November Book Review

If you have been a long time reader then you know that I love monthly goals! I love to see what I can accomplish and I love to share them here because it helps keep me accountable!

The first part of this post is going to be all about goals while the second part will be what I read this month.

Happy Birthday to our Ian Michael

I can't believe we have a TEENAGER in the house. I swear it feels like he was just 2. We are SO proud of the young man he is becoming. We celebrated this weekend with 8 of his buddies at our house. Then ended the weekend with dinner with my family. Tonight we are going to a local restaurant for .50 cent wings. Perfect for a growing boy.

Hello Monday {Birthday & Basketball}

Hello Monday! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend. We sure had a busy one. I hope you will grab our graphic and join myself and Johannah for Hello Monday! Remember anything goes...

Our Most FAVORITE Time of Year.

Happy Friday Friends! This week has been straight up CRAZY! We have been SUPER busy. We traded my Expedition for a newer Expedition but it was still at the body shop (getting fixed AGAIN from hitting a deer) so I had to worry about getting it to the dealership where we traded it, Ben left for Arizona on Tuesday, I had my glass stove top replaced because I cracked the original, I have new couches being delivered today, I have a very busy Etsy Shop this time of year, and then with all the kids extracurricular activities this mama is EXHAUSTED!

With all of that being said, I wanted to be reminded of all the happy and FAVORITE moments that we are looking forward to this Christmas Season.

So let me share with you our Christmas Bucket List!!