Our Week with 2 Area Tournaments, A Golf Match with Ian as the Coach, and Riding in the Golf Cart.

Happy Wednesday Y'all. How is your week going so far? Who is ready for weekend? 🖐I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Our Week with A Golf Match, FFA Plant Sale, and Ella's 1st 18 hole Tournament.

 Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend! Hope you read along. 

Our with Spring Break, Braves Home Opener, Easter, and The Masters

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I am finally getting back into the grove from being out of our routine for a week! So let me recap our week of fun! 

Our Week with All the Lunches, Packing for the Lake, and Ian's Signing

Happy Tuesday Friends! I am recapping the last week of March! Grab a cup of coffee or wine and read along...

Happy 44th Birthday to BEN!

 I know I don't normally post on a Thursday but when you have a special guy to celebrate you make an exception. 

Happy 44th Birthday to our FAVORITE guy. 

Monthly Goals | April 2023

Happy Tuesday Y'all! How is your week going so far? Ours is great being at the LAKE! 

It's a new month so new goals! 

Prime Purchases | March 2023

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Happy Monday Y'all!  Today I am sharing my Prime Purchases from March and joining Tanya.