Our Week with A Golf Match, FFA Plant Sale, and Ella's 1st 18 hole Tournament.

 Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend! Hope you read along. 

Monday, April 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Ride on the Peloton, and then all the things for the new week and the week after Spring Break. 

I ordered this magnetic towel rack after seeing Leigh Anne' at the lake house! it's perfect in this spot. 

Look who came for a visit. Sweet Bella. 

After I picked up Ella, It was an afternoon of finishing all the things, grilling chicken for dinner, dishes, showers, and bed. 

Tuesday, April 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. My devotional really hit home that morning. 

It was a slow morning for me before Beauty for Ashes at The Wimberly Center. I didn't even make my bed before I left! 😜 Bella wasn't upset especially since she came over for an early morning visit. 

After Beauty for Ashes, I came home to do all the things before picking Ella up at school early to head to a golf match about 45 minutes away! 

Grandma Deb joined us, we watched Ian tee off and then followed Ella since Grandma followed Ian the last match she came too! 

After the match, we stopped at Buffalo's cafe for dinner, drove home, and CRASHED!! 

Wednesday, April 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, ride on the peloton, Weigh in day and I was up 2.1. Not surprised from all the fun we had over Spring Break. 

I am helping with our YL golf tournament so I was on the computer for several hours this morning. 

I did escape for a lunch with a friend and then to Ella's FFA plant sale! 

After I picked up Ella from school, she wanted Zaxby's so I grabbed that for her and the boys were at the golf course so I air fried them some chicken tenders and tater tots went they got home. 

Then it was all the normal stuff...clean the kitchen, showers, and bed. 

Thursday, April 13th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and then I had a hair appointment at 11:15. After my hair appointment, I stopped by the house to fix my hair and then to my nail appointment. I picked Ella up a little early and then we headed to Conyer's signing. So proud of these kids. 

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner, the boys went home, and I took Ella to the nail salon. 

Then we all showered and crashed. 

Friday, April 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus,  Kids to school, and a ride on the Peloton. Meeting with Ben at 11am, Lunch with Ian at Legends, then home to give my people my car so they could head to Arrowhead Pointe for a practice round. 

and look who came to visit...

I worked around the house and in the craft room. My gang ate at Raising Canes for dinner and when they got home, we crashed because my alarm was set for 4AM. 

Saturday, April 15th-

We were up super early and headed to Arrowhead Pointe by 5:45am. We got to the course around 7:15. The kids putted and then had time on the driving range at 7:45. Shotgun start at 9:00am. 

Love these girls. 

Such a beautiful course. 

Ella played in her first 18 hole tournament with 2 other freshman. She had a blast. 

First 18 hole tournament for these 2 to play in together. Ian-83 Ella-113. 

We picked up wings on our way home and just chilled for the evening. Well 3 of us did, Ella went to Addison's for her 15th birthday party. 

Trixie must have missed me. She was GLUED to me the whole evening. 

Sunday, April 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and my boys off to the course. I went to wash my car, home depot, and Publix. I picked up Ella from Addison's. Then I did all the things to get ready for a new week. 

It was awfully quiet upstairs and look who CRASHED! 

Your first 18 hole tournament and a sleepover will do you in! HA 

I got ready for a new week and then crashed. 

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