March Monthly Goals

Happy March 1st!

Oh March you bring so much happiness with you...
Spring, St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break, and Easter

Before I start with March Goals, Let's have a look on how well I did for February
To see February goals, click here

1. I DID NOT work out 4times a week......oops
2. I had good days and bad days with my water in take....gotta start somewhere!! ;)
3. Kids  Valentine's for their classmates were a hit!! 
4. & 5. We made a Valentine Craft and Treats...see here 
Both were a huge hit!!
6. Make a creation using burlap...that is a BIG FAT NO.... I think Burlap hates me:(
7. I did very well at keeping my craft room picked up!
8. The blog is looking better and I am still working on it!!

Overall, I am pleased with the success of my February Goals....but I really do need to workout!

Here is the list I wrote out...

1. Clean out the kids clothes! Who is with me?!?!?
Ella's closet and drawers are a HOT MESS!
I hope to accomplish this task this weekend!

Ian's closet was cleaned out not to long ago, but could stand to be straightened up:)

2. I love Spring Cleaning...yes I know I am weird!
I love finding cleaning list on Pinterest and then combing them to type up my own list!!
I generally start my spring cleaning in April

3. Part of my spring cleaning this year is to have the house pressure washed, the porches painted and the carpets cleaned, so I need to get those scheduled!

4. Make a St. Patrick's Day Craft!
I like these....

Oh Pinterest...How I love thee!

5. Make an Easter Craft

Here is one that I think both kids would enjoy..
Ian really does like making crafts, he would NEVER admit and HATES that I document it ;)

6. Make Festive Holiday Treats

St. Patrick's Day I thought homemade ice cream with green toppings would be a fun after school treat! (I don't have a picture yet)

Easter treat
I love these....

They look heavenly... but hey chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite!!

this has to be my favorite goal!!
I am hoping to finalize Spring Break plans this week!!

This is what I hope to accomplish in March! 
What do you hope to accomplish?!?!?! I would love to hear your goals!

xoxo, Heather 

Let's Talk {Guys}

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for...

Here is a list of other topics!

The #1 guy in my life is this hottie!

Ben Bramlett

I can honesty say without a doubt I would be LOST without this man! 

He completes me and he is my better half because I am a better person when I am with him! 

He is the rock that holds the kids and I together! 

He is my voice of reason!

This past Thursday I did a #tbt about Ben and I dating that you can read about!

I am so very thankful that God decided April 6th, 1979 this little guy would come into the world

Thank you for all you do for us Ben! 
We could never thank you enough!!

I love you!!

 I'm even more thankful that our paths crossed all through middle and high school and on into college!! 

This guy captured my heart December 5th, 2004 
The day I became a mother! 

Ian Michael 

This kid has been full of life since the moment he entered into this world!

He was the first grandchild on Ben's side and the first grandchild in 6 years on my side, so you can only imagine how rotten he became from the get go!!

He is so make your stomach hurt from laughing funny!
He is sarcastic and it gets it honestly....his daddy is the same way!
He has a heart of gold but would never admit it!
Most days he drives me to the brink of insanity but I would not change his personality for anything!
He is kind, smart, and loyal!! 

I call him bubs or bubbie and it drives him crazy! Apparently I say it so often that some of our friends call him that as well to be funny ;)

Thanks for making me a mom

I love you! 

This is his hospital picture!!

Let's not forget my fur guy!

Duke Bramlett

Duke weaseled his way into my heart September 2013!

He is so dang cute and full of personality! 

He loves when Ben walks in the door from work because he knows he is going to play with him!
Duke will start barking and run and get on our bed just waiting on Ben to play with him! It is pretty funny!!

When he is home with me all day, he looks like this...

Sleeping somewhere!

or you will find him here....

in carpool with me!!

These are the main guys in my life and I love them with my whole heart!!
I am so blessed to be able to do life with them!!

Happy Monday friends!

I'll see you back here tomorrow for March Goals! 

Make today count...because only every 4 years does February get an extra day!! 

xoxo, Heather 

Friday Favorites

Oh Thank Goodness Friday is HERE!

Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for.....

I mentioned on Wednesday that I read about Clinique's moisture surge overnight mask on Shay's blog and I picked it up this past weekend....well it quickly turned into a FAVORITE!!

You should walk  run to your nearest Clinique retailer or click on the link above to order from Amazon!! This stuff is amazing, but wait my next FAVORITE is a Clinique product, as well!

I also read on Shay's blog that a lot of her readers suggested this sunscreen from Clinique! Well it doubles as a primer and that is my FAVORITE! 

Plus, the sunscreen does not feel oily! which to me is a PLUS!

Creating unique personalized goodies for my friends and family is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I am so very thankful that God blessed me with the ability to be crafty and create! I love watching peoples faces when I hand them their order or give them a gift! It is PRICELESS!! 

Here are a few of my FAVORITES from this week....

 Who has the song stuck in their head now....SUGAR!!!

 More racing mugs!

This weather is about to "make me lose my mind..up in here, up in here"

 I mean how stinkin' cute is this FFA tumbler....

 The back!!

Soccer Tumbler!!

I would love to create a goodie for you!!

My coffee corner in my kitchen has been a FAVORITE this week! 

It has been abused this week! My Keurig is set to come on at 5:00am and turns off at 10:30am....well not this week. It has been on a lot! Coffee has kept me warm and #gsd 

I even let the kids keep their hot chocolate and marshmallows in my corner! Aren't I sweet?!?!?! ;)

Yesterday this kid was home sick...He had a headache, throat hurt, and a nasty cough! Well his allergies have been kicking his hiney! Ian being sick was NOT a FAVORITE, but spending the day just him and I was my FAVORITE!!!

This boy is full of energy and will make your stomach hurt laughing so hard!

Waiting in carpool line to pick up
his sister

After we got home, from picking up his sister his fever shot up to 103.5- scary stuff... and the verdict is....THE FLU......Let me just tell you the flu is not my FAVORITE.....But again spending the day just him and I is my FAVORITE! 

My Throwback Thursday post from yesterday was a FAVORITE! It was fun to walk down memory lane! I think this type of post will become a regular series!! 

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!

See you back here on Monday! 
I will be moving my 

to Tuesday and post my Monthly Goals!

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Throwback Thursday

Since one of my goals for this blog is to use it as an "online scrapbook" since I don't actually scrapbook anymore I thought I would do a little....

Today I am going to "throwback" till when Ben and I were dating... 

A little history before you see the year and 1/2 of us dating!

Ben and I met in the 6th grade! All through high school we were like brother and sister....We talked to each other about girlfriends and boyfriends, always went on double dates, We would just randomly show up at each others houses, I went to his golf banquets with I said Brother and Sister! My mom told me when I was a junior that Ben and I would end up getting married! I told her she was crazy!! 

So here is us dating..... 

This is our where our story begin! We ended up going out to dinner with some friends and Ben and I ended up "paired" together...Later that night he kissed me! The rest is history!!

When we started dating Ben had already left for Valdosta State- which wasn't that big of a deal! The highway was just hot on the weekends to see each other ;)

I mean look at us we were babies!! 

This was Spring Break 2002- St. George Island!

Dinner in St. George!

For Ben's Birthday(April 6th, 2002) - I went to visit him in Valdosta for the weekend and of course, we had to eat at El Toreo! It was the best mexican and margaritas

 Jeremey and Michael's wedding- June 2002!

November 2002, My family came to Valdosta and we all went to Wild Adventures! This was us watching the fireworks that evening!!

December 2002, Ben took me to Calloway Gardens for the weekend and POPPED the question! 

Christmas- 2002 as the newly engaged couple!

This was us at Ben's VSU graduation- May 2003

Celebrating Ben's graduation at NY Prime with his grandparents!

At my sisters 30th Birthday Party- June 2003

At the Kenny Chesney concert- July 2003 

Our Wedding Day- September 20th 2003

12.5 years, 2 kids, and 2 dogs later....I say we are doing pretty good....

Speaking of scrapbooking, I started scrapbooking in 2000 and scrapbook pretty regularly until 2008-2009.....then with 2 little kids it just got hard to keep up with it! I hope to start back again one day when life calms down..haha But here is a little #tbt to my very first Cricut!

It was so little! It only cut 6x12
Here is my current Cricut

Happy Thursday Friends.....

hang tight its almost the weekend!