The Kids First Concert

On Monday night, Carrie Underwood performed at the Gwinnett Arena!!! We were able to snag some tickets and even a suite! How's that for your first concert! #dontgetusetoitkiddos
Ben decided to have food catered in the suite. 
So we walk in and the kids are trying to take everything in... I mean a room filled with food and drinks along with a HUGE stage! 
Ella's exact words were "this is amazing"

Baby girl taking it all in! 

"Wow, Mom look" 
Ian was in heaven with a fridge full of Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper 

Her face was priceless!!! 

We got there early, so we enjoyed the food and drinks! 

Selfie with my sweet Ella! 

Waiting for the show to start with my favorite peeps! 

Then the show started with The Swon Brothers 

She sat like this for most of the show!

In her daddy's arm! Ian stayed on the other side of Ben except to make a few trips to the food:) #boyloveshisfood 

Easton Corbin was up next! 

Then.....Mrs. Carrie Underwood!!!

She was AMAZING!!! 

#sosweet #daddysgirl

Of Course, we had to get a t-shirt!!

I would say the kids first concert was a HUGE success!! 

Thank you daddy for such a FUN night!! 

Looking forward to the next concert!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

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