Hello Monday!

Hello, Monday! I can't believe another weekend has come and gone. Not to mention that next weekend is JULY!! C-R-A-Z-Y!! 

Anywhoo! I'm recapping our weekend!! I hope you will join me and Johannah! Just link up below! and remember....anything goes!!! 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Peeps! I hope y'all had a GREAT week! As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week!! 

My Garden {Update}

A month ago, I showed y'all my little veggie garden. I thought it would be fun to show you the progress.

Red, White, & Blue Sangria Plus a Summer Salad

I love anything red, white, and blue. Don't you? I love sangria. Ben's aunt makes an amazing sangria that we drink just about anytime we are all together. So I thought I would "tweak" her recipe and make it red, white, and blue for our upcoming 4th of July party! 

Summer Reading Club {Because of Winn-Dixie}

Happy Tuesday Friends.... It is no secret that I LOVE to read. I LOVE to escape into a good book...or well my Kindle. I always hope that my kids would pick up my love of reading. Ella has really started to enjoy reading more since we started this Summer Reading Club! I'm not giving up on Ian just yet....maybe one day! 

I hope you will grab our graphic and link up with us below!! 

Hello Monday

Hello Monday and Hello Friends!! I hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating your FAVORITE dad! I know we sure did.....

So let me recap our weekend....

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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!! Hope you guys had a great week! As usual, I am sharing our FAVORITES from this week! 

Summer Bucket List

It's hard to believe that my kids have been out of school for almost a MONTH. We have 7 more weeks of SUMMER and we are going to enjoy it to the FULLEST. 

Here is our Summer Bucket List! 

Red, White, and Blue

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I mentioned on Friday that I have been loving everything RED, WHITE, and BLUE! And with 4th of July in 3 weeks,  I thought I would share my patriotic decorations! 

Hello Monday

Hello, Monday! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend!! We sure did...it was a great mix of fun and relaxing!! 
I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!! Link up below! Anything goes....

Friday Favorites

How on earth is it already Friday!! I swear this summer is already flying by and I don't like it....

As usual,  I am going to share a few of our FAVORITES from this week!

Monthly Goals {May Recap & June}

Hello, Friends!! If you have been around here for any amount of time then you know how I LOVE my monthly goals....Well, I am a little later than normal sharing my June goals, but when you spend the first part of June at the beach...it happens! 

What We're Reading Wednesday {June}

Hello Book Nerds... I say that with lots of LOVE! I love reading and I hope and pray one of my children pick up my love of reading!! 
It's time for the June edition of What We're Reading Wednesday. 
I hope you will join us and share what you, your spouse, your kiddos, or whoever have read lately!! 

World Golf Hall of Fame.

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Hope your week is off to a great start! 

Today, I am recapping our day at the World Golf Hall of Fame! If you do not have even the slightest interest in Golf...this will be the most boring post EVER!! However, for my guys, it was a dream come true. 
On Tuesday, they played The King and Bear course. It is a course that was co-designed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. They were in heaven. 

So Wednesday, we visited the World Golf Hall of Fame

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Home Sweet Home! We love going on vacation, but we love coming home!! I missed you guys SO much! I have a lot of catching up to do in blog land. I promise to get caught up this week and read all your post from last week! 

I will go ahead and warn you....PICTURE OVERLOAD! I am going to recap our week vacation into 2 days! I have a few other fun post planned this week, plus I figured by Friday you would be sick of our beach trip! HA 

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Hello Monday {Beach Bucket List}

Hello Monday and Hello from the BEACH!! Do you hear that??!?!?!?! That's the waves calling my name! Sorry, that was rude..... #notsorry. 

For this Hello Monday, I am going to share with y'all our Beach Bucket List for the week. We are here with Ben's parents and brother. Oh and 3 dogs. Yes, I know we are crazy! 

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us! 

Friday Favorites!

Yippeeeeee... It's Friday! So ready for this weekend because tomorrow my toes will be in the sand!!

As usual, on Friday, I am sharing some of our FAVORITES from the week and this go round a few not so FAVORITES...

My Veggie Garden

Happy  Thursday Friends! I can't believe we have already been on summer break for a week! Time already needs to SLOW DOWN! 

I am SO excited to finally share with y'all my veggie garden!! 

Kids Summer Reading Club

EEEKKKK... I am so excited that our Kids Summer Reading Club is finally HERE!! I am really hoping that this "club" will make Ella into a fellow book nerd just like her momma! 

Yonah Mountain Vineyards

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Hope your week is off to a GREAT Start! 
I am going to share with y'all our amazing trip to Yonah Mountain Vineyards in Cleveland, GA! 

hello Monday {Momma Love}

Hello, Monday! I love you today because we have NO SCHOOL. Sorry, I am late posting this morning, but Ben and I enjoyed a bottle of wine on the back porch last night from the vineyards we visited on Saturday. so by the time we came inside it was almost 10:00 and I just crawled into bed! HA
I'll share more about that visit tomorrow.

This Hello Monday is a little different. Normally, I recap our weekends but today I am sharing some Momma Love!

Join Johannah and me for Hello Monday!

Friday Favorites...Hello Summer & Keepsake Review

Hello Friday and Hello First Day of Summer Break.......We are so excited to see you.  

Ben and I are headed to Helen for one of his sales reps weddings. Y'all after this weekend, I have stayed at 3 hotels! I am so not used to living out of a bag! HA But it has been fun! 

As always, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week...

Georgia on my Mind

Happy Thursday Friends!! Hope you have had a GREAT week so far!! 

Today is the kids LAST DAY of school! We are SO READY for Summer!! 
I will share our summer bucket list soon, but for today I am sharing with y'all our over night trip to Nashville! 

Recipe Club {Salad Bar}

YAY for Wednesday, YAY for Recipe Club Day, YAY for 1 more day of SCHOOL!! YIPPPPEEEE! 

This mama is so EXCITED for Summer Break! Ben and I are headed home from Nashville!! I got to see one of my all time FAVS! Kip Moore!! 

You will hear all about that tomorrow but for today...It's RECIPE CLUB DAY! I can't wait to read what you share!! Join myself and Johannah! Just grab our graphic and link up below with one of your favorite recipes! 

How I made my herb garden!

Happy Tuesday Friends! Ben and I are headed to Nashville this morning with some friends for a concert! I will recap this amazing trip on Thursday! But for today I am going to share how I made my herb garden and I LOVE it!! 

Hello Monday!

Hello, Friends. I ended up taking a little unexpected blogging break last week. We have been SUPER busy this past week with the end of the year festivities. Then on Wednesday evening, Ella lost one of her precious classmates. It was been a pretty heart-wrenching week, to say the least. But I am happy to be back and sharing a little bit of our life lately! 
I hope you will grab our graphic and join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! 

Free Printables & Flower Pots

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope your week is off to a FANTASTIC start!! 

So I have a really fun post for y'all today (well at least I think it's fun) ;) 

I am sharing some FREE Printables from Personal Creations and my Flower Pots!! 

Hello Monday~

Hello Monday! We had a great weekend and I hope you guys did too!! I know y'all are sick of me saying this but we have 9 MORE DAYS of school left!! YIPPPEEE!! I can't wait for our lazy mornings and pool afternoons!! 

I hope you will join me for Hello Monday!! Just grab the graphic and link up below! Johannah has been under the weather. She is taking this week off of blogging to recoup. She will join us next Monday! Hope you feel better soon Johannah

Friday Favorites

Yippee....It's FRIDAY!! Happy Cinco De Mayo friends! 
I love the weekends but I am especially excited about this weekend because tonight at our church is Flourish. Our guest speaker is Sophie Hudson aka Boo Mama!! Yippee! 

As always, I am sharing our FAVORITES from this week! 

Thoughts for Thursday... Printiki

Have you ever heard of the company Printiki? I had never heard of this company until they reached out to me! I was very intrigued because on their home page it says....Don't lose your photos in the cloud! So I knew I wanted to learn more about how I could print some of my pictures from any of my devices! But then I realized that I could print pictures straight from Instagram!! 
Sign me up!! 

What We're Reading Wednesday {May}

Hello, Fellow Book Worms!
 I know I sound like a broken record...but I really can't believe it is May and time for another
"What We're Reading" post! But hey I guess time really does fly when you're having fun! 

Monthly Goals {May 2017}

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Y'all know how much I love monthly goals! So today I am going to share with y'all my goals for May! I really can't even believe it is May already??? I feel like I was just wishing y'all a Happy New Year and sharing my New Year's Resolutions!  Crazy how fast this year is going by! 

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! You are looking better and better because it is getting closer and closer to SUMMER BREAK!! 
Not that we are counting :) 

Hope you will join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! 

Friday Favorites!!

Hello Friday! So happy you are here!! This has been a CRAZY busy week!! 
As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from the week!! 

Golf, Mascots, and Field Day....Oh My!

Y'all I am EXHAUSTED!! This time of year is just as busy as Christmas Time for us!! It seems like the schools throw in every last minute activity in the last 25 days of school!! And Holy Cow...I am feeling it!! 

So I am going to share a little bit of our CRAZY week so far!! and spoiler alert....Today and Friday are just MADNESS!! HA

Vacation Recap Part 2

Happy Tuesday Friends! Man it already feels like Thursday to me!! Trying to catch up after being gone for a week is rough, but man oh man the beach was SO worth it!! 

So today I am going to share our last 2 days at the beach!! 

Some how I forgot to share our sunrise pictures from Monday morning! Ben and I woke up way before the kiddos to enjoy the sunrise and coffee together! 

Tuesday we woke up lounged around the condo for a little while before we headed out to the beach and pool! 

We wanted to be on the beach before 11:11 because a space ship was launching from Cape Canaveral with over 7,000 pounds of supplies for the International Space Station and we wanted to see if we could see it!! 

So in the pictures below see if you can spot the space ship.....

That tiny little white dot was the spaceship and we could also hear it and Cape Canervial was about 45 minutes away from us. It was really cool to see! 

After the excitement of the space ship....
they rode their boogie boards FOREVER......

Then we moved onto wine and sandcastles! :) 

They wanted to swim in the pool before we went up to get ready for dinner and I made a new friend.....


We had dinner at a place called Norwood's. The food was ok....not great! 

But the atomsphere was REALLY cool! It was a treehouse! 

After dinner, we fed gators! I apologize now for all the pictures! 

They got to hold them....Ian went first! 

Meanwhile, Ella was like..NO Thanks! 

But she finally held him! 

They panned for gold!! They struck it big!! HAHA 

We played a round of putt-putt! Ben won. I know SHOCKER! However, I did beat Ian!! 

And we ended our night with ICE CREAM!! 

Wednesday morning, everyone slept in but me!! 

Such a beautiful sunrise!! 

Later that morning, we all went to play golf! and I FINALLY got my pictures! 

Beach golf courses are so beautiful!! 

She found a purple flower!! 

After golf, we went shopping at The Salty Dog in Daytona! 

Then we headed back to the condo to regroup! 
While these 2 goofed around.....

We went to dinner at a place called The Garlic!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this restaurant. It was AMAZING!! It was so GOOD! If you ever go to New Smyrna Beach, you have to eat there. You will NOT be disappointed! I had Surf and Turf and Ben got the chicken parmesan. 
Oh My Glitter

And I got a chicken pitcher of wine!! HA 

After dinner (for our final night) we walked on the beach to watch the sunset! 

She said...Peace out Beach :( 

Walking back up to our condo....

We saw this guy! 

We used the flashlight on our phones! HA 
I remember going out with real flash lights and sand buckets! My how times have changed!! 

We were sad for our vacation to be over but thankful for the memories we made! Plus sleeping in our own beds was a huge plus!! 

So here is the final update of our Spring Break Bucket List....

Over all, I would say we did pretty good!! 

We are headed back to a different beach at the end of May so maybe we can knock off a few more from our list!! 

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!! 

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