Family Fun Halloween Night Traditions

As the years have passed, I have noticed that our little family has made lots of traditions. We generally do the same thing every year around Halloween. I thought it would be fun to share our Halloween traditions with y'all today! Because who knows you may want to start your own traditions this year.


We carve a pumpkin every year a few days before Halloween. Here are a few pictures of previous years carving pumpkins. We make it a family affair. 


Every year the kids LOVE to dress up and go trick or treating around the neighborhood. 


Every Halloween morning, I put chili or soup on in the crock pot so when the craziness of getting everyone fed and ready before it's trick or treating time. Dinner is ready and waiting on us! 

This year I plan to make potato soup. 


We love any excuse to make a fun treat. In the years past, I have taken cupcakes to the kid's classes. Last year, We made these Jack O' Lantern teeth bags. 

This year I think we will make this yummy treat. and take to friends in individual bags! 

Teal Pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin is going to be a new tradition for us this year. Thankfully, we do not have any food allergies in our family but we do have several friends that suffer from food allergies so I plan to add a teal pumpkin on our porch this year. 


Unfortunately, my kiddos have my sensitive skin so I am always so hesitant to apply face paint all over their faces. This year Ella plans to dress up as a vampire and she will need a white face. Sherry from Personal Creations shared this awesome recipe for homemade face paint with me. I love knowing exactly what I will be putting on Ella's face. Make sure to check out the article and let me know if you whip up a batch for some face paint fun. 

What Halloween night traditions do you and your family share? Let me know in the comments, so maybe we can start a few more traditions this year?

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