Hello Monday

Hello Monday! We had a great weekend except last night didn't end so well. But we will get to that in a minute.
I hope you will join Johannah and myself for Hello Monday.

Friday started off GREAT! I put on Mix and Match Mama's Chicken Tortilla Soup. Both kids had friends come home with them after school, we carved pumpkins, Ben and I enjoyed TV and wine on the back deck. Then ended all snuggle as bugs in our warm beds. 

Ella carved this pumpkin all by herself. She did an awesome job. I was there to help cut the tough parts. 

Saturday morning, I was up early listing all my new designs to my shop. 

Then the rest of the gang slowly started waking up. Ben cooked breakfast and please look at Duke watching him! HA 

Trixie preferred to stay snuggled up with her brother. It was COLD here in Georgia this weekend. 

By midmorning, we were on our way to the Braselton Artisan Festival in an old retirement van with our own driver, Krista! We festival like pros. Stephanie and Krista's father in law bought it to be able to take all the grandkids fun placed but we thought it would be fun to use it to "festival" in! 

Ella LOVES corndogs. 

Kelly and I found the "adult beverages"

By 3:00, we were at Ben's aunt's house ready to cheer on our DAWGS! Which they beat Florida 42-7. 

We enjoyed Apple Cider Sangria. I plan to share the recipe soon. 

Sunday was just downright cold and windy here. Despite wanting to stay curled up in the bed under the coziest blanket we could find. We headed to pick up cupcakes and help my sister get ready for my nephew's baby shower. I made these adorable cupcake picks. The nurse theme is "Woodland" 

Congrats to the Dad and Mom-To-Be! 

After the shower, Ella and I ran home to chill for about an hour, empty the dishwasher, fold a load of laundry, and start another load. Then we meet Ben and Ian at our church's Fall Festival. Ben was printing the pictures from the photo booth. 
Ella and I headed home around 7ish. On our way home a deer ran out in front of me and I slammed on my breaks but I still hit him. It was AWFUL. Ella screamed. Y'all I have only had my car back about a month from my accident in July and now I am without a car again. I didn't sleep much last night because my stomach is in knots. I will spend most of the day on the phone with insurance and try to get another rental car. I am just so THANKFUL that we were not hurt and no other car was involved. As far, as the deer, I will never know. He jumped up and ran off. We would greatly appreciate your prayers today. 

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