Friday Favorites | Sunshine Award

Happy Friday Friends! How is it Friday again already? I swear this week flew by?? I hope to enjoy some downtime this weekend because we have been on the go here this week.

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

Pin It-Spin it | March 2019

I am so excited to join my blogger friend, Jenna, for her Pin it-Spin it Series!  All you have to do it "pin" something on Pinterest and put your "spin" on it! So fun!

Let me show you what I have been pinning and spinning...

Spring Bucket List | 2019

Hey Friends! It's no surprise that I love to share goal post along with bucket list post. I am sharing our Spring Bucket List with y'all today!

It's not a lot different that last year's list but I really like to capture these memories.

Hello Monday | 8th Grade Formal Edition

Happy Monday Friends! How was your weekend? We had a great one and I can't wait to share it with y'all because my baby boy went to his 8th grade formal. I mean where has the time gone? Mamas with babies...really don't blink. It's true time really does fly.

I can't wait to show y'all how handsome my boy was all dressed up!

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Friday Favorites | Yoga Edition

 Happy Friday Friends!! The kids are home today and we are excited. It's also the 8th Grade Dance tonight for Ian! EEK!

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Hey Friends! I hope your week is going well. Many of you know that I have been a WW member for about a year and a half now.

I am constantly looking for food items low in points. I love chicken salad but the mayo would make it high in points and since I only get 23 points per day I needed to find a lower point option. After looking on Pinterest for a while I found that other WW members were using greek yogurt instead of mayo! Genius I thought...

Let me show you my version of 0 point Chicken Salad. This amount will make about 4-5 meals for me.

Our Weekend with Golf, Wine, and Menchies

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday.

I hope your week is off to a great start! I'm recapping our weekend today! I normally recap our weekend on Monday but Sunday afternoon the weather was great so Ben and I enjoyed sitting on the back deck talking. He smoked a cigar and I enjoyed a glass of wine so yesterday I shared DIY Wellness with Simply Earth Oils. Make sure you check it out. The sleep spray is AWESOME.

Friday I went to yoga, did some housework, and picked up the kiddos.

Friday afternoon, Ella wasn't feeling great so she parked herself in my lap.

DIY Wellness with Simply Earth

*this post is sponsored by Simply Earth but all opinions are my own. 

Hey Friends! You all know that I have been shouting from the roof tops how much I am LOVING Simply Earth Essential Oils and this month is no different.

Let me share with you a few wellness creations that I made from the March box.

Friday Favorites | CMA Fest Edition

Happy Friday Friends! We made it to another weekend! I hope you have fun weekend plans! We sure do! Watching Ian play golf, small get together with friends, and church! Monday will be here before we know it!
But as usual I am sharing a few of my FAVORITES from this week!

Monthly Goals | March 2019

Happy Wednesday Friends! It's the first Wednesday of the month so I'm sharing my monthly goals!

Prime Purchases | March 2019

Hey Hey! It's time to share last months Prime Purchases and I am so excited! I bought lots of fun goodies to get me ready for SPRING!!

So join my friend, Tanya, and share what you have purchased lately!

Hello Monday | Workout Edition

Hello Monday!! How are you guys today? How was your weekend? We had a good one and I'm going to recap it today!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Friday Favorites | Sunshine and St. Patrick's Day Edition

Happy Friday y'all! How has your week been? It's been a good one here. Busy but good!

As usual, I am sharing a few of my FAVORITES from this week! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and ENJOY!

What's Up Wednesday | February 2019

2 months into the new year and how crazy is that? I can't say that I'm too sad about it because I am over this cold and rainy weather. I'm seriously ready for warmer weather.

 I am joining Shay, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday to answer the following questions...

What I am Currently Reading during my Quiet Time.

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I shared earlier this month that I received ARC copies of Waiting for Willa and Nice and Easy  those are the only 2 books that I have completed this month and I have already talked about those so I thought I would share with y'all what I am currently reading during my quiet time each morning.

I am pretty sure y'all are tried of seeing this little corner of my house but y'all it is seriously one of my most favorite places in my house.

Hello Monday | Better Mood Edition

Happy Monday Friends! Let me just tell you that I got a lot accomplished last week and started back to classes at the gym and I feel amazing despite the nasty weather! #isitsummeryet
I feel like I have been stuck in a funk the past 2 months but i can feel it finally lifting.

I am recapping our weekend and I hope you will link up with us below! Remember anything goes...

Favorite Outfits that have been on Repeat

Happy Friday Friends! I didn't mean to go MIA on y'all this week it just sort of happened. I didn't feel all that great at the beginning of the week and then I went into cleaning mode and never sat down to type! I did get a lot accomplished around the house and checked off a few things on the goals list. 

But anyway let me share with y'all a few FAVORITE outfits that have been on repeat lately. I will link as much as I can but some are older pieces.

Our Weekend with Valentine's Day, Golf, and a Date

Happy Tuesday! We are back to our regular schedule program. HA The kids were out of school on Friday and yesterday! I am recapping our weekend a day late because Ben and I didn't have the kids Sunday evening so I spent the evening curled up on the couch with him instead of blogging.

Thursday evening, I cooked our traditional Valentine's dinner. Homemade lasagna. yum!

Still Weekending...

Hey Friends! The kids are out of school today and we are still weekending around here. I will be back tomorrow to recap our weekend!!!

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Friday Favorites | Love Edition

Happy Friday Friends! I am so thankful this week is OVER! It has been an emotional one.

But in the light of all the sadness this week, I am going to share some of our FAVORITES!

My Favorite Reads

Happy Wednesday! I am sharing a few of my FAVORITE reads with y'all today!

It is no secret that I love my quiet time in the morning and I sit in this spot in my house. Over time, the spot has changed a good bit but overall it always has my FAVORITE things: books, blankets, and coffee.

During my quiet time, I read a devotional along with a personal development type book. Here is a stack of my all time FAVORITES

DIY Make Up with Simply Earth

*I received this product from Simply Earth for free but all opinions are my own. 

Once again, I am back to sing my praises about Simply Earth Essential Oils. I received my February box and was giddy with excitement because it was all about natural make up!

Our Weekend with the Daddy/Daughter Dance, a Goodbye, & Winterfest

Happy Monday Friends! Our weekend was fun but sad at the same time. Saturday morning my sister called to tell me that my sweet PawPaw went to be with Jesus. He shared Jesus with everyone he met and he finally got to meet him face to face Saturday morning. We are so sad and heartbroken. If you pray, please keep my family in your prayers. We have the visitation tonight and the funeral tomorrow. Please also keep my sweet MawMaw in your prayers. She is going to be so lost without him. They just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary.

I hope you will grab our graphic and link up with us!

Friday Favorites | GNO, Bread, & the Spa!

Happy Friday! We are so excited for the WEEKEND! We have fun plans! I hope y'all had a great week. I started the week off in a fog but I quickly got myself together and enjoyed the rest of my week. It has been BEAUTIFUL here. Yesterday it was 81 degrees in FEBRUARY! How crazy but it is suppose to get chilly again this weekend. 

I am sharing a few FAVORITES from this week! 

Monthly Goals | February 2019

I can't believe that it is already February 6th. How crazy is that?? I am sharing my goals for February today and I will also recap how I did in January!

Prime Purchases | February 2019

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! Before I get started with my purchases, I just wanted to let you all know that I have been having trouble with google + commenting so I have disabled it (Google was going to delete it soon). I really hate that I have lost all my comments but it was driving me insane. I couldn't even comment on some of your blogs. I hope this new commenting works.

I am joining my friend Tanya for her monthly Prime Purchase link up!!

Our Weekend with the allergic reaction...

Hello Monday! So who watched The Superbowl last night?? I didn't care who won because they both had DAWGS on the teams!! #godawgs

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us! I'm recapping our weekend but anything goes...

Friday Favorites | Annie F. Downs Edition

Hey Y'all! Happy Friday! It has been COLD here in Georgia like lows in the 20's. Yes, I realize that is nothing for my northern friends but y'all I HATE COLD WEATHER! The good Lord planted my roots in the SOUTH for a reason... I LIKE IT WARM! Maybe we should just keep going south......

Well I hope everyone is staying warm and safe wherever you are because I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week. Grab a cup of Coffee and Enjoy!

Book Review | January 2019

I have really missed sharing my book reviews each month so I am to start sharing what books I have been reading the last Tuesday of every month. I will also share reviews about each book that I finish in InstaStories. 

I know I read a lot of adult books but I do plan to throw in a mix this year. I will also include devotionals and personal development books that I read during my quiet time.

 If you are on Good Reads make sure you find me here!  My Goal is to read 40 books this year.

What's Up Wednesday | January 2019

Seriously, can someone please tell me how February 1st is FRIDAY! Time really does need to slow down. 

 I am joining Shay, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday to answer the following questions...

Hello Monday | Dress Shopping Edition

Hello Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a fun but busy weekend! We were running all over the place that I barely took any pictures.

But I am going to recap our weekend anyway! I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Friday Favorites | Downtime Edition

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through or make a purchase.

Happy Friday Friends! How was your week? This was a "short" week for us because the kids were out on Monday but I swear it felt like a LONG week...anyone else??

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!

7 Things that I do Everyday that make me HAPPY!

Some days I feel like I have it all together when others days I feel like I am falling apart at the seems. Anyone else feel that way?? Just me?? I have found that if I do these 7 things everyday I am my best version of myself.

Today I am sharing 7 Things I do everyday that make me HAPPY!

1. Coffee. I enjoy a few cups of liquid gold each and every morning. Coffee makes me happy. It's warms my soul.

2. Quiet Time. I wake up before everyone else in my house so that I can enjoy my quit time. I read a few daily devotionals, a personal development book, and write in my journal.

Hello Monday | Golf + Baby Snuggles

Hello Monday! The kids are out of school today for MLK. We have plans to hit the golf course, library, and grocery store! Lots of fun for sure 😉

We had a fun weekend watching Ian play in a golf tournament and spending time with family.

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

My Glittery Heart is THREE + A GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday and Happy Blogiversary to My Glittery Heart. I CANNOT believe it has been THREE years since I hit publish on my very first blog post.

To celebrate, I am going to share 3 reasons why I began blogging, 3 of my favorite post to write, 3 Goals I have for this upcoming year, and 3 things I have gained from blogging.

Oh and at the end of this post, I might just have a GIVEAWAY! 😊

Shape it Up: Active Wear

I have shared with y'all a few times some of my FAVORITE work out gear but it has been on several post. I thought it would be nice to have all my FAVORITES in one post. It especially makes it easier when I need a new pair of leggings. 😉

My ALL TIME FAVORITE leggings to work out in are these 90 degree leggings from Amazon. I wear them every time I work out. I even have the capri length for the spring/summer/fall. It's hot in Georgia most of the year.

Simply Earth | January Box

*Simply Earth sponsored this post but all opinions are my own. 

I have mentioned a few times on the blog that I wanted to use Essential Oils more and have a more natural home. Simply Earth has given me that opportunity. When I received my January Box, Ella and I both squealed because we couldn't wait to make more goodies.

Hello Monday | Birthday Celebrations

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We had a lot of fun with a couple of birthday celebrations.

I'm recapping our fun and I hope you will grab our graphic and join us.

Friday Favorites | My Birthday Edition

Happy Friday Friends! WOW...this week was our first week back to school after Christmas break and I have to say it kicked my butt. I started the week off strong and prepared for the week but come Wednesday (my birthday) I feel like it all went down hill! HA

I'm sharing a few FAVORITES from our week!

Happy Birthday to Me...39 things about Me.

Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you are having a great day!

Today I am 39! The last year in my 30's. Am I stressing about it?...NOPE because I believe this is going to be my best year yet!

So for fun I thought I would share 39 things about me! I mean it's going to be hard to beat Ella's post from last year and I hope I can share different things than my 37th birthday!

Prime Purchases | January 2019

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I hope your week is off to a great start! Today, I am joining my blogging buddy, Tanya, for Prime Purchases!!

It is NO secret how much I love Amazon Prime! So let's see what I purchased last month!

What We Accomplished on our Christmas Bucket List 2018!

Hello Monday! The kids are back to school today after their long Christmas break, so I thought I would share What we accomplished on our Christmas Bucket List!

We have a NEW Co-Host for our Hello Monday link up. Please welcome Tanya from The Other Side of the Road! 
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Friday Favorites | A New Baby & A New Year

Happy Friday Friends! I hope the first few days of the new year are treating you well!! We have had a great week. I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES.

2018 Goals | How I did

Welcome 2019! I really do feel like 2018 FLEW by. I shared my 2019 Goals + My One Little Word on Tuesday. Make sure to check those out. I have high expectations for you 2019!

But let me review 2018 goals and see how I did...

2018 did I do??

2019 Goals + One Little Word

Happy New Year Friends! What a year 2018 was for us. I recapped some of my FAVORITE moments from each month of 2018 here. 

It's a NEW year which means I have NEW goals.