Hello Monday

Hello Monday and Hello Friends! 
How was your weekend? Ben and I went to Statesboro, GA for a wedding! 

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Friday we drove into Savannah, GA for the day! We had a blast and already planning a weekend away! 

I'm going to share our day with you!! 

We parked and then starting walking toward River Street! 

This was walking in one of the town squares! I love all the Spanish moss!

The trees are just gorgeous! 

I love all the buildings and all the history! 

Okoberfest was going on right on River Street! They had vendors lined up and down. Well one of the vendors was Perfect Fit Toe Rings! I had to get a new one! I have worn a toe ring for about 15 years! So I was excited to get a shining new one:) 

Savannah is just a beautiful city! 

Love Love Love this man!! 

I made us lunch reservations at The Lady & Sons restaurant! Paula, Jamie, and Bobby were there for a book signing! I didn't know that before we got there, so I didn't get there early enough to get a wristband to get a picture and an autograph but I did get to see them :)

YUMMY Fried Green Tomatoes~ 

Chicken Salad Sandwich! 

Again, I just LOVE all the Spanish moss! I wish it would grow in my back yard!! 

Standing in Orleans Square! 
We had so MUCH FUN in a few hours! We can't wait to plan another trip!! 

I will recap the rest of our weekend through the week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

Happy Halloween! 
Hope you have a fun and safe evening!! 

Friday Favorites {Printables}

It's the WEEKEND! Happy Friday Friends! 
Hope you guys have BIG plans! We are going to one of Ben's sales reps wedding in Statesboro, GA! 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE "printables". Printables are my FAVORITE! 
It could be a cute tag to add to a gift, a quote that I could print and frame, or even just cute lined paper that I could make my "to-do" list on......
 Last week Sherry from Personal Creations contacted me asking if I would like to share a few Halloween Printables with  you guys!! 
Of Course, I did~ 
These super cute printables are Jack O' Lantern Templetes for carving a pumpkin! 
So if you have plans to carve a pumpkin this weekend before Halloween on Monday. 
Take a look at these.....

All you have to do is click on your FAVORITE template and it will take you to the website to download and print!! Easy Peasy! 
If you use one of the templates above this weekend and share on Social Media...use the hashtags #personalcreations and #myglitteryheart, so we can see your work!! 

Which template is your FAVORITE??
My FAVORITE is the Tongue Out Wink! 

Hope you guys have an AWESOME weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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Life Lately

Hope you guys are having an awesome week!! 
I can't believe it's Thursday again! 
Time really does need to SLOW down! 
I know I sound like a broken record....but my goodness! 

Just thought I would share a little bit of life lately.......

I started watching Gilmore Girls and now I can't stop! 
What took me so long to watch this show????
I can't wait for The Gilmore Girls Revival! 

I use I should have added Gilmore Girls to my "What I'm Watching" Yesterday on What's Up Wednesday! 

I know now where the "pig" part comes from on Guinea Pig! 
Daisy "squeals" like a pig when she knows she is about to be fed and she eats like one!! HA

We were refilling the timothy hay in her cage and she came out of her house and walked into the bag!! HA

This dude had an awards ceremony last week! He got perfect attendance for the 1st 9 weeks of school!! 
He has good grades in all his subjects except Math! It's kicking his booty and mine ;( 

He would NOT look at me for a picture! HA

Ben took his sales team to dinner at Maggiano's last week! It is a family style Italian food and it is heavenly! 

Dress is from Old Navy and it's on sale for $18

I got this picture in the mail from the VSU Golf Coach!! 

We got school pictures back! When did they decide to get so big:( 

I got my grey covered up! 

Can't be going on 2 trips with "glitter" growing out of my head! HAHA

Can't be going on 2 trips with ugly nails either!! lol

I also did my Civil Duty and VOTED early! 

I also wanted to share a few Oh My Glitter creations lately.....

I mentioned yesterday that I am planning on reopening my shop! 
Here is some new items you will find when I reopen! 

Be looking for my Shop Opening around November 9th!! 

That is a little bit of Life Lately around here!! 

xoxo, Heather

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What's Up Wednesday~

    I can't believe another month has come and almost GONE!! This year has FLOWN by!! 

I can't believe next week is NOVEMBER!! :)

Since it's the last Wednesday of the month

I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer

What We're Eating This Week:

Monday: Mexican
Tuesday: Sliders
Wednesday: Tin Lizzy's
Thursday: Ben and I will be out of town
Friday: Out

What I'm Reminiscing About:

Fall Break....Y'all we had a BLAST!! 
You can read my recaps
Days 1& 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

 This pumpkin spice creamer:) 

What We've Been Up To:

I worked at Ella's school every day last week getting ready for the 
Fall Festival.....
but it was very successful so it was worth the time and work! 

What I'm Dreading:

Every Day I Dread homework with Ian Michael...It's awful! I would rather pull out every 
strand of my hair then do homework with him. 
And Everyday when I pick him up I dread his attitude.....The good Lord is probably 
sick of me asking for strength to get through another afternoon of homework and 
He's really not a bad kid...I promise~ He is just wearing me down right now:(
But this to shall pass...I just wish it would hurry up! HA

What I'm Working On:

Getting everything for the kids ready for Ben and I to be gone for 10 days...yikes

What I'm Excited About:

10 Days away with Ben

What I'm Watching:


What I'm Reading:

What I'm Listening To:

Nothing right now but I can't wait for Brett Eldredge's Christmas CD to come out! 

What I'm Wearing:

Long sleeve T-shirts and Jeans...Sadly I don't have any pictures!! :(

What I'm doing this weekend:
Going to a wedding in Statesboro, GA! But Friday we get to spend the day in 
Savannah, GA 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Mexico with Ben's Company

What Else is New:
I'm really thinking of reopening my Etsy shop....not sure why I should let one bad 
customer bully me!! 
Bonus Question:

What is your favorite Halloween memory/picture/tradition?

I guess it would be tradition....I make a big pot of Chili and everyone comes to our 
We eat dinner and then take the kids trick or treating! 
(someone would always stay behind and hand out candy at our house)

When the kids were younger, both sides of our families and some friends would come 
This year it's just Ben's parents, Chris and Kim, and Us!! 

Happy Wednesday Friends! I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to!

xoxo, Heather