Fall Break Day 3 {Islands of Adventure}

Happy Tuesday Friends! 
I'm back today with our recap to Islands of Adventure in Orlando!!
I will go ahead and let you in on a little secret.....I went PICTURE OVERLOAD!! 
That is why I am recapping each theme park on a different day!! 

On Monday(October 10th), it was Ella's 9th birthday so we headed to Islands of Adventure for a fun-filled day!!

Walking to Islands of Adventure

Outside of Margaritaville! 

Of course, they are ready to take your picture coming into the park and of course I buy the pictures because that's the only way I get a picture of the 4 of us!! 

Oh Ian....

Right when you walk into the park!

Our first ride of the day! 
The Hulk Ride

We LOVED it! 
We bought express passes and they were WELL worth the extra money!! We pretty much just walked onto each ride:)

After Hulk, we walked over to 'Seuss Landing'

We saw Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2

 We watched a show! 

The next part of the park was 'The Lost Continent' 

My kids had no interest in this part of the park because they could see The Wizarding World of 
as they walked through the lost continent  

Confession: We have not read the books or watched the movies...I know we are horrible people! 
But I will say that we now own all the movies and have watched the first movie!! 
and it is CRAZY how The Wizarding World of Harry Potter  resembled the movie! 

I had heard about the butter beer so we had to try it and I loved it!! 

The kids got wands and in different parts of Harry Potter they had interactive spots so the wands "appeared" magic!  

At lunch with her wand! 

Next up was Jurassic Park! 

King Hong....we did not ride this ride....my kids were to scared! :(

We ended our day on this crazy water ride....

We were soaked and I was ready to head back to the hotel for a hot shower and dry clothes!! 

We had a great day!! 

We LOVED Island of Adventures!! 
There is so MUCH more to do in the park, I just didn't get pictures of EVERYTHING! 

For dinner, Ella picked Hard Rock Cafe! 

Pink Cadillac
The server called her to the middle of the restaurant and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her! 

After dinner, we played Putt-Putt! 
They chose the "spooky" course! 

 Walking back through City Walk just catching a wave! HA

Islands of Adventure was a BLAST! 
I am glad that we waited until the kiddos were a little older because they didn't have a lot geared toward the little kids!! 

We have been to Disney several times, so we loved the change!! 

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I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of Universal Studios!! 

By the end of the week y'all will be sick of our vacation or ready to plan your own! HA

xoxo, Heather 


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