Friday Favorites

What a crazy, busy week! And all I can think about is the disaster that is hitting the coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas :( I am praying for all the people involved. 

But on a happy note, I am sharing a few of our favorites this week.

I mentioned earlier this week that Ben went to The Ryder Cup. Well he sent me pictures all weekend. Knowing that he was having an amazing time was definitely a FAVORITE from this week!

Sunday afternoon, I hosted a Scarf Exchange (more on that next week) and Ian went to hang out with Chris and watch The Ryder Cup! 
He looks like he was having a real rough time! HA

I have been wanting a bread machine and I had my eye on this one but it pricey. I wasn't sure how often I would use it. Well I was telling my sister that I really wanted one and one day she was at a thrift store near her house and found one! It was by  Breadman and it was $14.99 and only used once! So I quickly looked it up online and at and it had 4 out of 5 I said grab it for me!! Well I have had it since Sunday and have made 4 loafs of bread! I LOVE it!!  
Fresh, Warm bread is a FAVORITE around here now! I made a Pumpkin Spice is my FAVORITE! 

The kids love watching it "knead" the bread! 

Ian really loves watching it but wanted NO proof....I tried to be quick! HAHA

Chris and Kim took Ella shopping for her birthday and she picked out several new outfits! Here are 2 of her FAVORITES!! 
She loves this vest because the hood had kitty cat ears!! :)

She LOVES her army green jacket and new TOM Booties!! 

Wednesday I helped with the Teacher Tailgate at the Middle School! 
So when your mama helps and your FAVORITE Mexican restaurant donates chips and get to bring some home!! 

She was a HAPPY girl!! Chips and Salsa is her FAVORITE!! 

I love watching Duke sleep in his FAVORITE spot....the pillows on Ella's bed! HA

Hope you guys have had an awesome week!! 

Please be in prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Matthew.

xoxo, Heather 

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