Hello Monday

Hello Monday and Hello Friends!!
 I hope you guys had a great weekend!! We sure did!! 

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Friday started with shopping and setting up for the Fall Festival at Ella's school!!! But it was a huge success!!

When 2 PTO moms go shopping for the Fall Festival we come back with a car FULL!! :)

The Fall Festival was from 5:30-8! 
A local church provided our Photo Booth and a Minion showed up!! HA 

They were waiting in line for the Haunted House...they were acting like they were already scared!! 

But they really should have been because this is what they were walking into.....

Ben (left) dressed up and played in a coffin for 2.5 hours!! and Mrs. Hawk (right) wore this awful mask.......

And of course a Fall Festival isn't a Fall Festival without a Tractor Ride:) 

After we got everything cleaned up, money counted, etc, etc.....We finally made it home around 9:30! We left the house at 7:30 that morning!!! LONG DAY! 

Saturday morning, I was barely moving! But the boys were off to the golf course!! 

After catching up on laundry and making a quick run to the grocery store for dinner!! 

We carved Pumpkins! Ian and Ella did the bulk of their pumpkin carving all by themselves this year! I was so proud of them....

Cleaning out the "guts"

Ian wanted his name on his pumpkin so I sketched it for him and he carved it!! :)

Ian's finished product! 

Ella wanted a jack o' lantern face! 

Really concentrating on carving her pumpkin! 

My mom and my grandfather do the something with their tongues when they are "concentrating" HA 

Ella's finished product! 

We did a little pumpkin carving and back porch sitting on Saturday night! 
It was so relaxing and the weather was chilly!! :) 

Sunday we were off to church, lunch, and errands!! 

It was my Sunday to teach Sunday School and Ella wanted to read the 3 year olds a bible story! 

so sweet! 

Hope you guys have a GREAT Monday!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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