Tuesday Talk {Scarf Exchange}

Happy Tuesday Peeps!! 
I have been trying to get this post up for a few weeks now, but it just kept getting pushed back :( 

But I am FINALLY sharing my Scarf Exchange Party!! 

I sent this invite to a bunch of girlfriends!~

I created it using Picmonkey!

I had 5 girlfriends show up....I was hoping for more but that's ok! 
 Ella and Addison wanted to participate! 

So we let them open up their scarves first! :)

Ella and Addison with their new scarves~ 

Silly Girls! 

Then it was time for the big girls!! 

We each drew a number!! 
Number 1 went first, then number 2 BUT number 2 could STEAL Number 1's....make sense??

After everyone got a scarf...number 1 could have the last pick if they wanted to STEAL a different scarf...
Just like White Elephant or Dirty Santa at Christmas! 

Our new Scarves! 

Ella was our photographer! 

Then she went "picture taking" happy..HA

Kim and Stephanie! 

They were pretty good to get selfies! :)

Addison wanted a turn to take Ella's picture


As the girls were taking crazy pictures, we moved into the kitchen for Pumpkin Spice Cake and Coffee! 

It was a FUN afternoon with some much needed girl time!! 

Have you hosted a Scarf Exchange??? How did it go??

Have a GREAT Tuesday~ 

xoxo, Heather 

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