Hello Monday

Hello Monday and Hello Friends! 
How was your weekend? Ben and I went to Statesboro, GA for a wedding! 

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Friday we drove into Savannah, GA for the day! We had a blast and already planning a weekend away! 

I'm going to share our day with you!! 

We parked and then starting walking toward River Street! 

This was walking in one of the town squares! I love all the Spanish moss!

The trees are just gorgeous! 

I love all the buildings and all the history! 

Okoberfest was going on right on River Street! They had vendors lined up and down. Well one of the vendors was Perfect Fit Toe Rings! I had to get a new one! I have worn a toe ring for about 15 years! So I was excited to get a shining new one:) 

Savannah is just a beautiful city! 

Love Love Love this man!! 

I made us lunch reservations at The Lady & Sons restaurant! Paula, Jamie, and Bobby were there for a book signing! I didn't know that before we got there, so I didn't get there early enough to get a wristband to get a picture and an autograph but I did get to see them :)

YUMMY Fried Green Tomatoes~ 

Chicken Salad Sandwich! 

Again, I just LOVE all the Spanish moss! I wish it would grow in my back yard!! 

Standing in Orleans Square! 
We had so MUCH FUN in a few hours! We can't wait to plan another trip!! 

I will recap the rest of our weekend through the week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

Happy Halloween! 
Hope you have a fun and safe evening!! 

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