Ella's Fall Festival Birthday Party + Printables

I have been planning Ella's Birthday party for about a month and a half now. I was SO pleased with how everything turned out!! We hosted her birthday party this past Saturday. We could not have asked for better weather.......
A few weeks before her party Ben was offered tickets to The Ryder Cup. I couldn't even be mad at him because it was a once and a life time opportunity! I was actually thrilled for him! Golf is his thing! I knew I could handle the party and with the help of our friends and family....Her party was a HUGE SUCCESS!! 

About 2 weeks before the party we sent out her invitations....

I used Picmonkey to create her invitations! 

I will warn you now.....picture OVERLOAD!! 

That morning I started setting up all the "stations"

This was in the middle of our drive way to direct the guest to the backyard~ 

First up the Photo Booth.....

(my backdrop needed to be a little bit bigger)

Here is the printable
(all you have to do is right click on the image and save it)

Next we have Pumpkin Decorating!! 

I had a table set up with a bucket of pumpkins, pumpkin stickers, and sharpies! 

I found these decorating kits in the hot spot at Target...They had cats, witches, frankenstein, and a few more! 

Here was my sign....

and the printable....
(just right click and save it)

Here is a picture of their finished pumpkins
The Cupcake Walk was a HUGE hit!
Colleen aka Grammy was in charge of the cupcake walk so we had cupcake overload!! 

And the printable:

I found this Cupcake Walk Kit from Paging Super Mom.... 
If you have never been to her website you need to immdiately!  
(I will even forgive for not reading the rest of this post) HA

What is a Fall Festival Birthday party without a face painting station....

The printable sign...

Pumpkin Toss

The Printable Sign...

The final station was.....

I didn't get a picture of this station before the kids started bobbin'-HA

Well if you are still with me....bless you! 

Grab a drink refill and enjoy some more pictures of the party in ACTION.....

Let's start with the crazy 
Photo Booth
(like I mentioned earlier, my back drop should have been way bigger)

The Birthday Girl

Ella and Bailey! 

Bailey and LeighAnne!! 

2 of my favorite girls:) Bailey turned 15 on Sunday.... :( 

Stephanie and Addison 

Can you tell this is my SISTER??? 

We love our momma! 

Me and Steph

Sweet Bryanna 

The Cake Walk 

Grammy did a fantastic job manning her station! :)

Face Painting
My brother in law, Stacey was in charge of face painting! He generally had a long line:) He rocked the face painting station. Unfortunately,  I bought crappy face paint and it melted in the sun...oops

Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin Toss

The girls didn't love this station but the boys sure did!! 

Apple Bobbin'

We finished the party with Ella opening her gifts

And then we sang Happy Birthday

As you can see she had a fantastic birthday and I was completely EXHAUSTED afterwards!! 

She is one LOVED little girl and we are thankful that she is in our lives! I am one blessed mama to be raising this little girl!! 

Happy Birthday Party Day, Ella Marie!! 

Thank you guys for sticking around! I warned you it was picture overload ;)

xoxo, Heather 


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