Our Week Recap with ALL the Parties!

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope you saw my post yesterday sharing our Christmas Home Tour!  because I am recapping last week!

Monday, December 9th, was super busy and messy. I worked on all the orders and had to take a few minutes to get my craft room in order but with an afternoon coffee, of course.

We ended Monday curled up on the couch watching a Netflix Christmas movie with Ella and the pups. 

Tuesday, December 10th, I shared my makeup. I am loving this new gold shimmer color with Bella Lipsense. 

That evening we ended with a fire. 

Wednesday, December 11th, I shared our Family Photos and this sweet girl came home sick 😢

She said her head hurt, her stomach hurt, and she was super tired. She slept for a few hours and then she was good to go! Thank goodness. 

This girl was happy to cuddle with her sister!

Wednesday afternoon this amazing shadowsense was RELEASED again! 

Sorry to keep sharing Senegence with y'all but I just love these products! 

Thursday, December 12th, I dropped the pups off at the groomer. Later that afternoon, I found Duke like this while I was finishing up orders. 

Later that evening, Ben and I went to a Wine Tasting but not before putting this boys hair in a little pigtail that he refused to let me photograph 😉

Friday, December 13th, I shared our Christmas Bucket List and packaged up all the packages. I left this sweetness for our mail lady. 

Then I photographed the house for our Christmas Home Tour. 

Saturday, December 14th was a day FULL of parties. 

We started by shopping for a family that Ella's Strong Girls Club adopted this Christmas, then we went to my niece's gender reveal Breakfast. It's a BOY! 



TEAM GIRL with sad faces because we LOST.

Then we ended up at THe World's Largest Mattress.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Hunter's 2nd Birthday party. Y'all I feel like I just introduced him to y'all!

The party was right across the street from Alex and Nicole and look who we ran into...Sweet Dixie Girl.

SAturday evening, I dropped Ella off at another party and Ian went with a friend to Magical Nights of Light at Lake Lanier. Ben's parents joined us for a chili dinner and then I made myself comfortable by the fire. 

Tito's with Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite is AMAZING! 

Sunday, December 15th, Ben and I were in charge of Youth Breakfast so I made sausage balls and pigs in a blanket and we picked up 3 dozen doughnuts in the way to church.

After church we went to lunch then home to get ready for the week.

Sunday night was AMAZING! The boys drove us to Atlanta for the Nutcracker at The Fox.  I "won" tickets at the silent auction that we attended in October. I have never been to the Nutcracker so I was so excited to experience it with Ella. Included in the tickets were tickets to the Marquee Club.  We were able to eat and drink till our hearts were content. We headed up to the rooftop to take a picture with the famous Fox Sign. When we got up there no one else was around so a selfie it was...

The view was AWESOME!

As we were about to head back downstairs, we ran into a server who was so sweet to take our picture. I will treasure this picture FOREVER!

Right at 6:45, Ella grabbed a hot chocolate while I grabbed a coffee and we went in search of our seats but not before buying two ornaments and a picture 😉

It took me about 20 minutes into the ballet to realize that the orchestra was in the "pit"

These pictures were taken during intermission.

The Fox Theatre is truly spectator and if you ever get a chance to see a show there you will not be disappointed.

The boys picked us back up a little after 9 pm but not before I snapped a couple more pictures of the trees all lit up for Christmas.

We raced home and everyone was asleep by 10:15 which is super late for us on a school night but oh so worth it.

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