2019 Goals | How I Did

I can't believe at MIDNIGHT we will enter into a new decade. How crazy is that?? But without further ado let show y'all how well I did with my yearly goals.


✘1. Make lifetime with WW. I have been on WW on and off for about a year and 2 months. This program works for me and I have seen the results when I stick to it and track everything. I am down 17.2 pounds and it feels SO good. I really, really want to make LIFETIME this year. 

I quit my WW membership back in May. I continued to lose weight on my own however from November to now it's not been pretty around my waistline. 

✔2. Clean/organize the attic. This is a task that I am DREADING. Our attic is a complete and utter disaster. I had it on my 2018 goals and it just didn't happen because I really just don't even know where or how to start.  I have a feeling I HAVE to get it done this year. 

I finished this EARLY 2019 and I am happy to report that it has stayed cleaned and organized. 

✘3. Clean organize files/pictures on the computer. This is another task I am DREADING. Nothing is organized on my computer. I just name files and then use my finder to type in what I am looking for and it pulls it up. HOWEVER, I really need to organize my files by categories and my pictures my month/year. BUT I really have no idea how to do this task. I have a MAC. Can anyone point me to a good Youtube video, anything, to help me get started? 

I got a new Mac this Summer and I still have NO idea how to organize pictures on it. 

✘4. Get more involved with our church. Unfortunately, we go in spurts with going to church. I know that is awful and we should be very consistent with going. I would love to get more involved with our church which would encourage us to attend more consistently. 

We continued to go in spurts with going to church again, However, Ella moved up to the Youth group and she loves it so that does get us to church more. 

✘5. Join a book club. It is no secret that I love to read. I  have always wanted to be apart of a book club so hopefully, this will be my year to join one. 

I still really want to join one. 

✘6. Send snail mail. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards each year. But that seems to be the only time I send cards. I hope this year to send cards, notes, or a surprise to friends and family just because I thought of them or it's their birthday. 

I did send random text to people when I thought of them but never mailed a card just because. 

✔7. Find a workout buddy. I do so much better with working out if I have someone counting on me to work out with them. I loved my classes at the gym but the price went way up and I don't love the times they are available so my goal is to find a "gym friend" to work out with in the mornings right after I drop off the kids. 

I switched to the all access pass at the gym so I can go to classes. I generally take the 9am class and it seems to be the same people so I consider them my "workout buddies" 

✘8. Use my big camera more. I have the new iPhone XS Max and it takes AMAZING pictures but I also have an awesome Canon 70D that I need to use more especially if we are having a get-together, holiday celebration, etc at our house and I don't have to lug it around all over the place.  

I hate carrying that big thing anywhere. 

✔9. Organize kid's school papers. Do you remember when Lindsay shared how she organized her kid's school work? Well, I purchased everything to get my kid's papers organized and still have done anything with it yet. Maybe before Ian starts high school and Ella starts middle school everything will be neat and organized. Y'all that happens in AUGUST. #cuethetears #wheredidmybabiesgo 

It felt so good to get this task finished and it's so easy to add to when they bring stuff home now. 

✔10. Clean and organize my desk drawers. Why does my desk drawers always get SO messy? If someone needs a pen, pencil, sharpie, whatever the first place they look is MY desk drawer and they always seem to leave a mess behind. I hope to declutter and organize it a little better. 

They look so clean and organized even now. I have to straighten them up every once in a while but everything has a place. 

My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Continue with sponsored post. I had several sponsored post in 2018 and I hope to continue that trend this year. I have really enjoyed trying new products and reviewing them for you guys to try. 

I started the year sharing Simply Earth but that didn't continue and I didn't have any other ones. I am an Amazon affiliate and y'all love those post. I have a good one for y'all next week. 

✔2. Start using IG stories. I have to admit this one scares me but I really want to share more about me and my family in stories. I LOVE watching other people's stories and I hope to share more with y'all on my stories. Bare with me on the first few. It may just be a lot of pictures in the beginning before I work up the courage to talk in them. I also want to do this for my Etsy Shop IG account. 

This one still SCARES me. It freaks me out to hear myself talk. (just me?) but with my Etsy Shop and now Senegence, I have made myself use stories more. 

✘3. Share more fashion post. Some of my FAVORITE post are "What I Wore" I love seeing how everyone styles different items. I love getting ideas of mixing patterns. I hope to document more of my everyday outfits, well except for my workout clothes and leggings. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

I just couldn't find a good way for me to take OOTD pictures but I do have a post scheduled later this month so I hope to force myself to take more fashion pictures. Or maybe I just need to ignore the eye rolls of my family when I ask them to snap my picture. ๐Ÿ˜‰

✘4. Share recipes. Johannah and I use to host a monthly recipe club and I loved it. Then I got in a rut of cooking and trying new items. We stopped hosting the monthly link up and I didn't share many recipes last year. I hope to share more recipes this year along with their SP value for any of my WW readers. 

I seriously ate the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch and dinners were just ok to me this past year. I didn't cook anything that I felt needed sharing. 

✔5. Work ahead on post. This one is always a tough one for me. Generally, I type my post that is supposed to go live the next day the night before. I really want to get out of this habit because a.) it takes time away from my family each night. b.) I'm generally exhausted at night so I sometimes hurry through the post and don't feel like it is my best content. 

I did ok on this one. I made sure I had most of my post finished before the kids got home from school except our Hello Monday post. 


✘1. Plan out Social Media content. I am working on a calendar of pictures I want to post each day on IG for the blog and the Etsy shop. I plan to do this just a week in advance when I sit down with my planner to plan out our week. I find this helps me to be consistent on my social media platforms. I also plan to do this with my blog IG account. 

I didn't regularly plan social media content, it generally happened on the fly. Keeping up with 2 IG accounts kicked my butt so I have only been posting on My Glittery Heart and that's all I plan to post on next year. I have already been thinking about how I can plan this better. 

✘2. Reach 2,000 Sales. I like to have a goal "sale" number for the year. If I don't hit that number it's ok. But it does give me an idea of how much I have grown that year along how many people purchased from my little shop out if all the shops out there. Which I will always be thankful for. 

Not even close. I think this was the slowest year yet for my Etsy shop which makes me super sad. 

✔3. Add a new product. This one scares me too but maybe this is the year I will add more to the shop than just drinkware. I don't know what that item might be just yet but this idea has been weighing on my heart. I do have a few other items like decals and flour sack towels but that's about it. 

I added wooden signs and party decor. 

✘4. Start Christmas designs in July. November until the middle of December is absolutely CRAZY for me in the shop. This year I plan to start adding new Christmas designs in July and have a sale so maybe it will help relieve some of the craziness. 

I should have added it to the planner. I have already added a sticky to July 2020. 

✔5. Run more sales throughout the year. My first sale of the year is planned this month and it is an "as is" sale because I need to clear out some shelf space. I plan to host a few more sales through this year. 

I ran a few sales and emailed several coupon codes

✔6. Be a Vendor. This idea keeps popping up in my head a lot so I am adding it to the list. I have only been a vendor 1 time with my drinkware. Maybe this is the year I am supposed to branch out other than just the Etsy Shop. 

Apparently I should have branched out more since it was my slowest year yet but I did host a Sip & Shop and attended Enjoy the Holidays event. 


I am sharing a few trips that I hope to take this year. 

✔1. Nashville. If all goes as planned I will go to Nashville 4 times this year. I heart Nashville so much. 

I went 3 times to Music City. We had a blast each time. 

✘2. Wineries. Since getting Ben to enjoy wine with me, we have visited 3 different wineries. I hope he and I can visit at least 2 new wineries this year. 

I have no idea why this one didn't happen 

✔3. President's Trip. We look forward to Ben's work trip each year and this year is no different. 

We went to Aruba and it was AMAZING! 

✔4. Family Vacation. We haven't even started planning a this trip yet but I hope too soon. 

We didn't take a week long trip anywhere but we did several trips to the lake, a trip to Blue Ridge, and a trip to Nashville. 

I believe I marked off 13 of my 25 goals. That's not great but I'll take it. 

My One Little Word for 2019 was... 

Definition of Adventure: noun

1. a) an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risk
    b) the encountering of risks

2. an exciting or remarkable experience

3. a enterprise involving financial risk. 

I honestly thought our big ADVENTURE this year was going to be moving but I was so wrong. We have decided to stay in this house until both kids go off to college which is less than 7 years away. ๐Ÿ˜ณWhich we all know will FLY by. 

But Adventures we did have some good and some bad. 2019 was not the best year for our family but we did have lots of good memories. 

I turned 39 

Hugged Annie F. Downs neck.

Ventured into the world of dog allergies.

These 2 attended their LAST daddy daughter dance.

We lost my sweet Paw-Paw.

Ian started high school golf as an 8th grader.

Went to his 8th grade formal.

Ben turned 40.

We ended the venture of braces with this one.

Witnessed the new adventure of marriage with my niece and her hubby.

Ella graduated 5th grade.

Ian graduated 8th grade.

We took way to many adventures on the lake. We loved every minute of it.

LeighAnne and I took an adventure to CMA FEST where we spent more than half the trip in a poncho.

These two ventured into 6th & 8th grade.

And we took them to Nashville for the first time.

Ian went to his first Homecoming.

While Ella went on her first Youth trip.

I ventured into the world of Senegence as a Distributor. 

Turning 12 has been a fun adventure for this little lady.

Along with ending her adventure with braces.

Ben and I spent 5 days in Aruba.

and 36 hours in NYC.

This guy turned 15 but hasn't ventured into getting his learners yet.

I can't wait for this adventure with a baby boy.

Girls adventure to the Fox for The Nutcracker.

What an adventure this guy will have soon as a BIG BROTHER?!

Overall, it has been a great year! We are excited to RING IN 2020 with friends and family tonight. 

Happy 2020 Friends! 

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