Friday Favorites | Christmas Bucket List 2019

Happy Friday Friends! I hope y'all had a great week. It's been a busy one around here. I am sharing our Winter Bucket List today! Most of it is Christmas related but we may accomplish some after Christmas so I went with a "Winter" Bucket List

ONE- Decorate for Christmas.

I love decorating our house for Christmas. Well any holiday really but Christmas is just so fun! Come back Monday for my Christmas Home Tour. 

TWO- Drink Hot Chocolate. 

We started setting up a Hot Cocoa cart a few years ago and it is a favorite for sure now. I will share it in all its glory NEXT Friday! 

THREE- Decorate Gingerbread Houses. 

We have had this on the list for a few years but never got around to it. Ella had a practice round last Sunday but we hope to decorate new houses. 

FOUR- Visit the Botanical Gardens. 

This has become one of our FAVORITE traditions at Christmas time and we are so excited to have friends join us this year! 

FIVE- Host FriendsMAS. 

We love hosting friends at our house and to host them at Christmas is just special. I can't wait to host again this year. 

SIX- Watch all the Christmas Movies. 

Is there anything better than watching Christmas movies?? 

SEVEN- Celebrate Ian's 15th Birthday. 

Seriously, Where has the time gone and how on earth am I old enough to have a child that can get his learners?? 

EIGHT- Decorate Christmas Cookies. 

I ordered this Cookie Press and I can't wait to use it. 

NINE- Send Christmas Cards. 

We had our family pictures taken much later this year because Ella wanted to wait until she got her braces off but I did share the photos on Wednesday. Can you guess which one I used for our Christmas card? 

TEN- Attend Christmas Eve Service. 

My favorite service of the entire year. Myself, Ella, and Ben's mom and dad have been reading a chapter of Luke each day for the month of December which will tell us the Christmas story. 

ELEVEN- Bake Jesus a Birthday Cake. 

We usually do not have anywhere to be on Christmas Eve night so it's the perfect time to bake Jesus a cake to enjoy on Christmas day. 

TWELVE- Enjoy a Christmas Cocktail or Coffee. 

I can't wait to experiment with this. Any suggestions?? 

THIRTEEN- Host Christmas Dinner. 

We host Ben's family for Christmas dinner each year and we are already looking forward to it this year. 

FOURTEEN- Attend a Favorite Things Party. 

One of my dear friend's host a Favorite Things party each year and I sure hope I get to attend because it is always so much FUN. 

FIFTEEN- Have a PJ Day. 

'Tis the season to enjoy a lazy day by the fire in your jammies watching Christmas movies ALL DAY! 

SIXTEEN- New Family Ornament. 

Each year we try to get a new family ornament. We have missed a few years in the past so I figured out which years we were missing and I hope to complete our collection this year. 

SEVENTEEN- Date Night to Christmas Shop. 

Ben and I love any time together but time together to shop for our loved ones is always a great time. 

EIGHTEEN- Drive Around and Look at Lights. 

We hope to drive around and look at the houses on the golf course all decked out for Christmas. 

So tell me what is on your Christmas Bucket List? What do I need to add to ours? 

To see what we accomplished on our FALL BUCKET LIST, click here. 

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