2020 Goals + Two Little Words

I can't even believe we just entered a NEW decade y'all! Have you seen the meme going around that says "If you were born in the 80s, raised in the 90s, and make it to 2020 then you have lived in 4 different decades, 2 different centuries, 2 different millennials and you're not even 40" THAT IS ME! Well I will be 40 next week but still! That is super crazy to think about!

Let me share my GOALS with y'all for 2020!

I shared my 2019 Goals | How I did yesterday and to be honest I wasn't to pleased with myself so one of my goals this month is to set up a system that I can view my yearly and monthly goals better. If I get a system into play I will make sure to share it with y'all. 

But I don't need to procrastinate anymore with sharing my 2020 Goals....


1. Rock Turning 40. This time last year I was really struggling with turning the big 4-0 but now I am good with it. I am healthy, have a fantastic marriage, great kids, and I love the season of life that Ben and I are in.

2. Find a System to Track my Food that is FREE. If you are a long time reader, then you know that I have used WW (which I do love) but I know what I should and shouldn't eat. I know what fuels my body and I know what makes me feel like CRAP. I just need my OWN system to document it.

3. Organize Pictures on my Mac. I had this as a goal last year but ended up getting a new Mac and transferred everything over to an external hard drive completely unorganized. I know, I know. It makes my shoulder twitch too. But I haven't found an easy way to organize pictures on a MAC.

4. Complete Several Bible Studies. Weather they are online or at my church. I love participating in Bible Studies because they make me get into the bible more. Plus, I really enjoy them.

5. Intentionally Celebrate my People. I love following Brittany Young on IG and all her happiness. I want to spend happiness to my people in whatever way that may look.

6. Read 55 Books. I set a goal of 40 books in 2019 and read 53. Let's see if I can pass that number this year.

7. Think Before I Purchase. I am notorious for buying this or that because someone else shared that they loved it, it was life changing, etc. So I am always the first one to help "support" that person when in reality it's not for me and it ends up in the GoodWill pile. I need to be intentional about what I purchase this year.

8. Work on Home Improvement List. We are to the point in our home improvement list that is going to cost a little more than normal. Like I want my kitchen and living room painted, etc. so I will have to break the list up into priorities.

9. Continue My Workouts. I love going to my gym. It is a place of growth and therapy for me.

10. Balance Home & Work Life. I really hope this is the year that I grow with Senegence and my Etsy Shop but I have to be careful to keep the balance.

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share "A Day in the Life" post every quarter. I know this is a silly goal but I always hope to share these post quarterly and always forget. Plus they seem to be one of my most popular post.

2. Share more Fashion post. I started 2019 off great but it didn't end on a great note. I hope to share more all throughout the year. I mean I am almost 40 and I think I have a great sense of fashion. 😉

3. Celebrate 4 Years of Blogging. I can't believe that I have kept up this little space for 4 years but most important I am so THANKFUL for the friendships that I have made through blogging.

4. Share our Routines. Since I have older kids I feel like we are pretty set in our "day to day" life and I think they could help other people so I hope to share more of those routines this year.

5. Reply to Comments. I am the worse at this. I mean I get them sent directly to my email. I have no excuse. I read them ALL and I am so thankful that you precious people take the time to comment. I should show the same courtesy and reply to your comment.

6. Plan out Monthly Social Media Content. I have decided to only use ONE IG account for all of three of my "businesses" and I hope to use the monthly spread of my Life Planner to help to organize their content.

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Plan out Monthly Social Media Content. See above.

2. Reach 2,000 Sales. I ended 2019 with only 1374 sales but I hope I can reach at least 2,000 sales in 2020 if not more. EEk that is 626 sales. #helpasisterout #shopsmall

3. Host Quarterly Sip & Shops. I hosted my first Sip & Shop at my house this past November and it was a huge success. I asked several local ladies to join me at my house and sell their products. Well I think it would be perfect throughout the year not just at Christmas time.

4. Use my Simple Media Pinterest Planner. I have been a longtime listener of the Simple Pin Podcast so I hope to use Kate's tactics in 2020.

5. Host a Christmas in July Sale. Last year my goal was to design new Christmas items in July but I didn't get around to that until November and I love the new designs I added so I think it would be nice to host a Christmas design sale in July for all those EARLY shoppers.

6. Be a Vendor. I really need to branch out and apply to be a vendor especially at local festivals.


This is a new category for this year. I became a Senegence Distributor back in August because I truly love the products and have witness the results of their products. I didn't share that I was a distributor until September and I believe it was late September before I placed my first customer order. I really hope to grow this business this year. I can't wait to see where this company takes me.

1. Add 2 Distributors to my Team. To my knowledge there are only 2 other Senegence distributors in my county (neither are my direct upline) so I would love to go a Senegence team.

2. Start Making Plans to attend Seminar 2021. I have loved watching videos of other distributors at Seminar and I hope and pray to attend in 2021.

3. Make Plans to Meet my Upline April. Oh What I wouldn't give to hug her neck.


I added travel to my list last year and I thought it was neat but this year I am going to list specific places/events that I hope to attend.

1. CMA Fest 2020. Y'all followed along with me and Leigh Anne last year at CMA fest. I hope this year is no different.

2. Georgia on my Mind Concert. Ben and I have been attending this concert in Nashville for the past 4 years and we hope year 5 is the best one YET!

3. The Lake. We hope to go to Lake Sinclair with The Boswells' more times then we can count along with LOTS of visits to Lake Lanier.

4. President's Trip. Y'all all know ow much Ben and I look forward to his company trip each year.

5. Whatever Life Throws at Us. I can't wait to see where 2020 takes my family of 4! 2019 took us to Blue Ridge, Nashville, and NYC all at the last minute!

Now let me share with y'all my TWO little words for the year. I know most people only share ONE little word for the year but I truly feel like my life is at a crossroads. I have my home life (Myself, wife, and mom) and my work life (Blog, Etsy Shop, and Senegence) and they are at TWO very different points in their life hence my TWO little words for the year.

So for my Home Life word of the Year is...

All I wanted to do in 2019 (because I was convinced we were moving) was CHANGE everything. I wanted to revamp, reorganize, repaint. Basically I wanted to get this house ready to SELL. but that was NOT in the cards and I have made peace with it so this year my focus is to show this house GRATITUDE. (yes we do need to do a few home improvements) but I am thankful for the memories made here, for the parties hosted here, for everything this house has given me with the 3 people and 2 fur babies that I LOVE the most in this world. I want to focus on showing gratitude toward the little things in life; family dinners, movie nights, lazy days, holidays, and everything in between. 

But on the other hand with my work life I want to be all IN. Balls to the Wall. (sorry for that analogy) but I want to hit the ground running and make this my most successful year yet so my word for my work like is...

I am determined to make the most of my businesses. I am determined to feel confident in myself and my products. I want to shoot for the stars with My Glittery Heart, Oh My Glitter, and Senegence and the only thing stopping me is ME. My self-doubt, My lack of confidence, My comparison to others. Well it STOPS NOW and I will focus on Self Empowerment and helping other women feel the SAME WAY! 

Cheers to 2020 and a WHOLE new DECADE! 

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