My Favorite Blog Post to Write.

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Hey Hey Friday! I hope everyone had a great week! It's been a little busy around here! For today's Friday Favorites I thought I would do something a little different!

I thought it would be fun to share 5 of my most FAVORITE post that I have written! Then I would love for you to share your favorite post to read and if you would like for me to share other things.

O N E 

I love sharing my monthly goals with y'all! I am very much a goal oriented person so it helps sharing with y'all what I hope to accomplish each month.

T W O 

My Health and Fitness Journey is always a fun post to share. I feel like y'all are huge supporters in my journey! Some of my biggest cheerleaders. I mean I can now do 6 push ups with a 15lb weight on my back! BAM!


T H R E E 

Home Tours are a lot of FUN but sharing my Cozy Corner was my Favorite. It is literally where I start my day!


It was also fun to share how I make my home COZY! 


F O U R 

The Beloved Bar cart is always a FAVORITE to share! Except Ben's bourbon collection is growing to the top of the cart and that is not making this girl happy! I was fine when it was contained to the bottom shelf 😉



Linking up with Tanya for her Prime Purchases is most definitely a FAVORITE! I love sharing what I purchase each month and seeing what everyone else is buying!

The point of me sharing all of these favorite post is because I am feeling kinda of in a "rut" I feel like I am very repetitive and is that ok with y'all or do you roll your eyes and say oh look more Prime Purchases or more Monthly Goals?? Am I just overthinking this? Is there anything new you would like to see? Please let me know in the comments below!

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