How To Break Past Your Fears & Finally Get Healthy

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Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope your week is going well. I am going to just go ahead and say it. May is kicking my booty. May 22nd cannot get here fast enough. We are so worn out and ready for Summer break. 

Many of you have been following along with me on my health and fitness journey. Most of y'all have been my biggest cheerleaders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly feel like this little space of mine is a form of accountability which we all know is a HUGE part of success in any goal that you are trying to accomplish. Below you can read 6 steps that I try to follow everyday to meet my next goal and every time I met that goal it makes me feel a little more sassy! 😉

Set Your Goals
Before you start your journey to get healthier, you need to set your goals. I’ve found that by doing so, you have something to aim for and something that will keep you on track. As I’ve lost weight, I’ve found that it is essential to not only set a big goal, but also smaller, attainable goals along the way. It is really easy to feel like you are not accomplishing anything when you are not hitting your big goal immediately, which is why setting smaller goals along the way is a great way to help motivate you and keep you on track so that you can hit that big goal down the road!

Do It - Don’t Just Think It
Weight loss and all healthy living journeys take massive amounts of time and effort. My weight loss journey has been a constant daily struggle and I truly do mean that I have struggled every single day. It is so easy to wake up and think that I’m going to eat the way that I should, or think that I am going to go on a walk and get some exercise, but it’s a completely different thing to act on those thoughts. That’s the hard part - acting on the thoughts. Anyone can say that they will eat healthy and then push it off to the next day, but if you are really committed to breaking past your fears and finally getting healthy, you have to actually get out of bed and make it happen and only you can do that for yourself!

Find Accountability
If you know that you struggle staying on track even when you have your goals set and your mindset in the right place, you might want to find accountability that works for you. Some people find that accountability through home workouts, such as Beachbody, some find it through having a personal trainer that is waiting for you to come into the gym, and others find it through meal prepping or stocking their fridges with healthy food that they can make throughout the week. While I do think having a tribe to keep you accountable (no matter if it is your husband, your friends, or a workout group), I also think that you have to find some type of accountability with yourself because if you count on others to hold you accountable, you have the potential to easily slip up.

Find A “Diet” That Works For You
The best way to break past your fears and stop yourself from giving into the “I can’t do it” mental game is to find what works best for you in all aspects of your journey, but finding a “diet” or meal plan that works for you is the most essential because as they say, your abs are made in the kitchen and that is so very true. For me personally, weight watchers has been my saving grace. It’s easy to follow, it helps me when it comes to not feeling extremely limited, and the best part about it is that I can eat normal food. I don’t have to follow an extremely strict diet plan such as “eat eggs for breakfast,” “eat almonds for a snack,” etc. and I don’t have to eat things that I don’t like. Weight watchers is the diet that works specifically for me and it is what has kept me on track, so find what works for you so that you can join me.

Give Yourself Grace
When you slip up, it is very easy to be so frustrated with yourself. At first, each time I slipped up, I would want to just call it a day and quit my entire journey, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to slip up and when it happens, you need to give yourself grace and get back on the wagon. In fact, sometimes you need to slip up so that you can feel refreshed and start strong again. As long as you give yourself grace and do not get too upset with yourself when slipping up, you can easily get back in the game with no issues at all. You’ve got this!

Talk With Someone If You’re Struggling
Unfortunately, sometimes weight loss and getting healthy is more than just a “eat this” and “lift this” game. For some, getting past an eating addiction or getting past your own mind telling you that you cannot do this is practically impossible and it can be extremely hard to figure out how to get past your addiction or your fears on your own. If this is the case for you, don’t worry - there is a solution! First of all, you need to make sure that you really want this because if you don’t, then it will be really hard for someone else to help you. Once you know you are ready, but cannot get past your fears (or addictions), you might want to consider talking with someone about how they can help.

For example, Ray of Hope Counseling Services offers counseling services in Georgia to help you understand any challenges in your life and helps you find the most effective approach or treatment process for you. With seven locations in Georgia, they will work to help provide you with the support you need in a safe and confidential environment. Offering services such as addiction therapy, equine therapy, depression and anxiety therapy, stress management, and more, Ray of Hope Counseling Services is a group of licensed and educated psychotherapists that can help you overcome your fear to finally get you started on a healthier lifestyle!

The Clinical Director and Founder, Lynn Thompson Umstead, as well as the other counselors at Ray of Hope Counseling Services strives to meet clients where they are and believes that exploring your emotions and feelings is of utmost importance. She helps the client navigate through their past to help with a better understanding of how to achieve their goals going forward so that they can live a happier and healthier life. If this sounds great to you, call Lynn at Ray of Hope Counseling Services!

Keep in mind that it is NOT all about the scale. Since starting my weight loss journey, I have lost one shirt size and two pants sizes. I feel so much better and have a lot more energy. Also, I have been working really HARD at accomplishing my fitness goals. Just last week I was able to deadlift 115 lbs for 4 sets at 6 reps. I count that as a HUGE victory. I can also hold 20 second planks without completely feeling like I am dying. 

What goal are you trying to accomplish? Do you have someone that you can talk to when you are struggling?

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