Our Weekend at the Lake

Happy Thursday friends!! I hope everyone is having a great week! We had a great time at the lake with friends and so I am going to share all of our fun!

Friday, Leigh Anne and I got to the lake late afternoon with all the kids. We unpacked, got snacks, drinks, and headed to the water. Leigh Anne bought this float for Spring Break but the water was so cold we couldn't enjoy it but this trip it was HEAVENLY.

Rob got the lake in time for supper and we grilled steaks and enjoyed baked potatoes and salad. Ben got to the lake with the boat much later.

Saturday morning, my gang along with Trixie went on a boat ride.

It was so funny to watch Trixie "sniff" the air and her ears were SO dang cute blowing in the wind. 

When we got back Trixie and I found shade to chill in but that didn't last long.

We anchored for a little while to let everyone swim and cool off. We looked over and found Brett in a "model pose" and couldn't help but laugh. and of course, I had to snap a picture. 

Saturday just happened to be NATIONAL WINE DAY so I had to enjoy a few ok several glasses of pinot. 

Saturday evening, the men made low country boil and it was AMAZING like always! 

Bailey and Charlie give it two thumbs up! 

How is this view to watch the Braves game?? We later watched Top Gun but I only made it half way through the movie before calling it a night. #imold #reallyigetuptoearly

Sunday was much of the same. Boatin', Floatin, and Sunin'

We eventually made our way back to the house where we played in the water some more. Sweet LuLu loves to drop pine cones in the water and then jump in to get them and we love cheering her one. She is the sweetest and prettiest lab ever. 

After getting out of the water, I laid on the boat to dry off for a few minutes then yes I fell asleep and it was the best nap ever. 

Then I opened a bottle of wine and watched the men grill burgers. 😉 I did help Leigh Anne with making the oven fries. Gotta earn my keep. HAHA 

and look who joined me by the rocking chairs...

I watched these crazy kids play corn hole.

While these two girls curled up in a chair to read a book.

Later that evening, Ben took us on a late evening boat ride. 

We saw a few fireworks. 

Love cuddling my Ian. (He pretends he hates it)

The Boswell's long time friends came over for a visit and smores. One of the girls were having her birthday celebration and invited a few extra girls. Our boys were in heaven. 😉😉😉

Monday morning, we went on another boat ride before packing up and heading home. We can't wait to do it all over again soon!

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