Summer Bucket List

As of 10:00 am, we will OFFICIALLY be on SUMMER BREAK! It has been the most emotionally exhausting week and it's only Wednesday!

But for FUN I thought I would share our SUMMER BUCKET LIST...

This list is going to be a mixture of family and individuals of our family...

1. Go Blueberry or Blackberry Picking
2. Watch a Movie Outside
3. Make Smores.
4. Go to the Lake as many times as possible
5. Go to the Pool as many times as possible. 
6. Take a Nap in the ENO.
7. Read several books.
8. Go Antique Shopping.
9. Go to a Concert.
10. Have a Photoshoot.
11. Make Homemade Ice Cream. 
12. Go on a Road Trip.
13. Make a Putting Green in the backyard.
14. Finish a few House Projects.
15. Host a spend the night party. 
16. Watch Fireworks.
17. Intentionally celebrate different friends.
18. Make Yard Dice. 
19. Visit my Grandmother.
20. Go to a Farmers Market
21. Have a Pajama Day.
22. Have a Movie Marathon. 
23. Go to the beach.
24. Have a Mother/Son date.
25. Have a Mother/Daughter date. 
26. Have a Father/Son date.
27. Have a Father/Daughter date. 
28. Late night Sonic run.
29. Get a tan.
30. Have the BEST summer EVER. 

What is on your Summer Bucket List??

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