Friday Favorites | Allergy Relief Edition

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Hey Hey Friday!! I am so happy to see you! It's kinda crazy that my kiddos only have 1 more Friday of Elementary and Middle school. I am so ready for summer but at the same time I want next week to go super slow because I will NEVER get these moments back with my babies!

Enough of the heavy stuff, Let's share some FAVORITES from this week!!

Monday I shared our weekend recap. We watched one of our FAVORITE couples get married and the wedding was absolute perfection.

I have been using my FAVORITE eyedrops like crazy the past few weeks because my allergies have been CRAZY! I wake up between 2 and 4 AM sneezing my head off. I have tried different medicines, EO's, etc. But these eye drops give my eyes immediate relief. 

Similasan originated in Switzerland in 1980. Their products give temporary relief the natural way by engaging the body's natural defenses to support the immune system. They offer products for the eyes, nose, throat, head, and chest. 

These drops have been especially handy when we sit on the back deck to enjoy a glass of wine or watch a movie. I just drop 1-2 drops in each eye and let it do its magic. 

How awesome is this travel bag filled with relief for on the go! I just stick it in my purse and off I go knowing I have a natural remedy ready to use when my allergies kick my butt.

Monday afternoon, this sweet pup rode in carpool line with me. We both were wishing it was Friday on Monday! 😜 That face is my FAVORITE and it melts my heart every time. 

Tuesday, I shared some of my FAVORITE Amazon purchases including these super CUTE earrings. I want a few more colors. They are so light and SO fun! 

I added these FUN and FAVORITE straws to the Etsy Shop! I am having WAY to much fun creating festive straws! They are going to be perfect for the Bar Cart. 

Wednesday I shared 6 tips on How to Break Past your Fears & Finally Get Healthy. and let me tell you with each goal I meet, I get a little more sassy. 😉

I'll share all the deets about this outfit on Wednesday for Pin it & Spin it! Make sure to mark your calendars and join me! 

 Yesterday I had my LAST Muffins with Mom with my FAVORITE girl! Y'all it's starting to really hit me that I am about to have a Freshman and a 6th grader. Oh my stomach just sank typing that. 

These sweet girls and their friendship is my FAVORITE for sure!! They have the sweetest hearts. 

Y'all all now my love of Kristen Proby's books runs deep! I received an ARC copy of Dance with Me. WOW! This book was HOT! This made book number 19 for the year. 

Amazon: Starla. Just Starla.

She doesn’t have a last name, and she doesn’t need one. Not with that many Grammys on her mantel. Everyone knows her kick-ass, no-holds-barred style of singing, dancing, and living. 

No one knows that America’s Sweetheart is still living with the wreckage of four years ago, when her world was torn apart. Losing her fiancé was devastating, but she’s channeled all of that into her music. Closing off her heart opened a hundred new doors.

Officer Levi Crawford, Seattle PD.

For almost twenty years, Levi has been consumed by the law. He eats, sleeps, and breathes work. Not just because he’s a workaholic, but because he loves it. Sure, he doesn’t have time for a woman and barely sees the rest of his family, but it’s a trade he’s always been happy to make.

Until Starla.

Two lonely hearts could learn to beat again, if they’re willing to dance together.

Heather:  I love Levi and Starla's INSTANT chemistry. I love how they don't "dance" around that chemistry, they fall right into and never look back. I especially LOVE how Proby intertwines previous characters from the other books of this series. This is book 12 of the With me in Seattle Series  

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas! I hope you have the BEST weekend. 

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