Prime Purchases | May 2019

Ok! I really hope Ben is not reading this post because I Primed a LOT! I love joining my friend, Tanya, to share what we have Primed lately.

When Lindsay shared this EO carrying case I knew I needed it. I also ordered this case, as well. They are BOTH fantastic. I used them to carry my oils on spring break to the lake.

I ordered this bracelet since it is so similar to my Alex and Ani bracelets and I LOVE it. The first time I wore it with EO, Ben said you smell like a spa! I love adding a few drops of peppermint oil to it.

I shared this drink infuser when I hosted Ben's fiesta and it has been fun making new drinks. I hope to try to make sangria next!

I am loving this devotional. 

This Meal Prep recipe book has been fun getting ideas from.

These GRITS are SO good. I made the shrimp and grit recipe on the back and it was AMAZING!

This portable balloon inflater came highly recommended by Andrea and I am using for the first time this morning for our Teacher Fiesta so I will report back to y'all!

I couldn't help myself when I saw this tortilla holder from Mudpie! I am using it for the first time today, as well, for the Teacher Fiesta.


I might have mentioned before that I have lost 2 toenails since working out and it ended up being my shoes. So I started asking other ladies at the gym what type of shoes they wear and most of them were the NO BULL and so far I am LOVING them and my feet do not slide.

Lisa mentioned this phone stand and I knew I wanted it. My phone is currently on it while I am typing this post and watching my niece in law in a live Facebook selling her Paparazzi jewelry. It's fabulous.


How fun is this pitcher going to be to decorate this Fall?? I love it but I would say that it is more grey and white instead of black and white.

I purchased these earrings in red and black and that are PERFECTION! I really want them in all the colors.

Lindsay also mentioned these wool balls last month and I have been using them for about a week and they have worked GREAT. No static.

I broke my last Mud Pie spoon rest and I was so sad. I finally found a new one and it is too cute. 

Like I said, I really hope Ben isn't reading this post even though he has seen everything around the house. 😉

Happy Shopping after reading this post! 😜😜😜😜

What have you purchased lately?

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