Friday Favorites | A Luncheon, Field Day, and a CMA FEST addition

Happy Friday!! We have been crazy busy around here this week and their is no slowing down until the end of the school year! Why is the end of the school year always so CRAZY??

Here are a few of my FAVORITES from this week...

This past Saturday, I hosted the Bridal Luncheon for my niece, Amber. I think it turned out so nice. 

One of Ben's co-workers made the cake. It was so beautiful and so yummy. 

Hunter got to join the ladies for the afternoon. Ella was not the least bit disappointed. Hunter is her FAVORITE. 

and iPhones are Hunter's FAVORITE toy. 😉

Cheers to the BRIDE. 

Sunday morning, Me, Colleen, and Ella went to a local artisan festival and I got this spud for lunch and oh my goodness it was so GOOD. 

Then we went to the golf course to watch our FAVORITE golfer play the back 9. 

Tuesday morning, my FAVORITE teenager got his braces off and suddenly looked like a 17 year old. 

Then I raced back to school to watch my FAVORITE 5th grader participate in her field day activities. 

Meanwhile, my FAVORITE country artist was announced to perform at CMA FEST!! Y'all I wanted to squeal in the middle of field day but I didn't. I contained my excitement until I got in the car. 🤣
I just love Billy Currington and have only seen him in concert 1 time and that was after a Braves game.

Ella decided that after field day called for ice cream so we ran into the store to grab her chocolate ice cream and I found my new FAVORITE treat for this summer. This Jeni's sorbet Frose' was heavenly.

This week I shared our trip to the lake which we have declared our FAVORITE spring break trip to date at the lake because the weather was PERFECT!

We are busy with lots of wedding activities this weekend! Make sure to check back Monday for a recap!

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