Hello Monday | My Birthday Celebrations

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Today's post is pretty much going to be a "dump" of pictures of what we have been up to lately! 

I hope you will grab our new graphic and link up below!! 

I am backing up to January 3rd. I drove Ella to my sisters house in Cleveland, GA to spend the night! On my way home I got this picture...

She lives abou 5 minutes from Babyland General and needed to run in to look for something.

Before I left I text Stephanie to see if she wanted to meet for coffee when I got back in town. She did so we met at our local Cafe. Look how pretty...

 Saturday I got this picture of their crafting project.

and I sent her this picture of me and her bestie at Conyer's basketball game. 

We picked Ella up later that Saturday evening when we all met for mexican. 

Sundays are for Self Care.

aka a detox and moisturizing mask...

Sunday night we went to yoga at our church. 

This is how Trixie felt about the kids going back to school on Monday. 

She curled up on Ian's pillows because she missed them. We miss our kids when they are at school. 

I was able to work in the shop and sent out this beauty. I love when everyone is excited to drink all the water. 

Monday nights are for the Bachelor and custom wine glasses.... 

Tuesday I filmed a new video for Senegence and I LOVE this look...

I also shared my Prime Purchases and these TOMS are AMAZING! 

Thursday was my 40th BIRTHDAY and I woke up to this...

I just knew that Leigh Anne and Bailey were behind this.... I later find out it was not them. Ben knew who did it and when he left Thursday morning to go to work he acted like he saw it for the fort time and came back into the house and said "someone got us" Ella said "someone robbed us?" Y'all I can't make that stuff up! 

After I dropped off the kids, I headed to the spa. 

Before my Swedish massage, I sent this picture to Ben and said "turning 40 isn't so bad" HA

After my massage and before my pedicure I enjoyed a glass of Pinot Grigio!

Another one during my pedicure...

and another one after my pedicure.

I grabbed lunch at Legend's before heading to pick up the kids. Ella wanted to take more pictures of me with the signs.

Ben wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday but the kids and I talked him into bringing home mexican. I just didn't have it in me to get ready after my relaxing day. 

That evening I did the resurfacing mask because you gotta have some birthday love. 

Friday morning, I went for a walk and then met Leigh Anne for lunch to celebrate my birthday. She gave me beautiful flowers and more Rae Dunn pieces. 

Then I watched Ella in here Science Fair program. 

Ben got home around 5:30 and we were meeting some friends at Chateau Elan Winery for drinks and then going to Legends for dinner. 

Sweet Ryan, He has loved my BFF and her 3 boys like his own and that makes me his biggest fan! 

Well little did I know they planned me a SURPRISE PARTY (that I will recap tomorrow because it deserves its own post) 

If anyone wonders if I was truly surprised, I think this picture will answer that question. I jumped and thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I have never felt so loved before in my entire life. 

I can't wait to share my party with y'all tomorrow. 

Saturday morning, Ben and Ella went to CFA to get sweet Duke a biscuit for his BIRTHDAY. 

THEN this happened and I have felt sick to my stomach ever since. 

He drove us HOME!

He later drove Ella and I to Ulta and TJ MAXX. 

But the rest of Saturday looked like this...

Because this mama heart couldn't take much more. 

Sunday it was SUNNY and my boys headed to the course while Ella decided to sleep in, so I did my skin routine while drinking coffee from my new BEAUTY mug from Chris and Kim. Then I listened to our church service online.

It was a NEUTRAL day to run to Publix and out for a late lunch/early dinner.

We did all the Sunday normal things...laundry, grocery shop, lunches, cleaning, etc. 

How was your week and weekend? 

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