My FAVORITES Moments from each Month of 2017

I hope you all have had a WONDERFUL Christmas with all your friends and family. We sure did... I am going to recap all of our Christmas fun over the next few weeks. I had intended to do those post earlier this week but Ben took the week off and we have so enjoyed our family time.

WOW...I can't believe Sunday evening we will be ringing in 2018. It is just CRAZY to me how fast this year has FLOWN by so before we say HELLO 2018, I wanted to highlight some of our FAVORITE moments from 2017.

FAVORITE moments from 2017

I celebrated my 37th Birthday. 

I shared my craft room with a giveaway. 


These two attended the Father/Daughter Dance at school.  

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a special dinner. 

We lost our sweet MeMaw. All the family got together to remember her and all the memories of her. I was given this amazing charm bracelet that she had for many, many years. 


We celebrated Read Across America Day. I dressed up as Cat in the Hat and read to Ella's class. 

We watched Ian play in his first golf tournament. 


We celebrated this guy turning 38. 

We decorated for Easter. 

We celebrated Easter at the beach. 


Ella and I went on a field trip with her class to Stone Mountain. 

I meet Sophie Hudson at church. 

Ella's Science Olympiad team made it to the State Competition 

We celebrated Mother's Day at home with a "Bramlett Diner" from Ella.

Ben and I went to Georgia on my Mind in Nashville. 

We celebrated the last day of the 6th and 3rd grade. 

Ben and I visited Yonah Mountain Vineyards. 


We went to Cinnamon Beach with Ben's parents and brother. 

We celebrated Father's Day at home with a cook-out. 


We decorated for the 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July with friends and family. 

We celebrated the marriage of Eric and Candace. Then later that month found out they were having a baby boy arriving in December.

We went to The Boswell's lake house.


Ben and Ian hosted a golf tournament in memory of Ben's grandfather.

We celebrated Grandma Deb's birthday. 

We watched Ian play in more tournaments. 

We watched the Solar Eclipse. 

We had an Adult Only trip to The Boswell's Lakehouse. 


We hosted our annual Bramlett Bulldawg Bash

We watched LOTS of football on the back deck. 

We celebrated Trixie's 1st Birthday. 

Ben and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. 


I started my Weight Watchers journey. 

We saw Garth Brooks in concert. 

We went to Dollywood. 

We celebrated Halloween. 


Ben and I went to Mexico on his President's trip. 

I attended my first vendor event. 

We took Trixie to Pugfest. 

We counted our blessings. 


We celebrated Ian Michael turning a teenager.  

 We had a visit with the big guy.

We welcomed baby Hunter into the world. 

We decorated for and celebrated Christmas with family and friends. 

I hope you had a wonderful 2017. I know we sure did and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us...

Happy New Year Friends. 

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