Happy Birthday to our Ian Michael

I can't believe we have a TEENAGER in the house. I swear it feels like he was just 2. We are SO proud of the young man he is becoming. We celebrated this weekend with 8 of his buddies at our house. Then ended the weekend with dinner with my family. Tonight we are going to a local restaurant for .50 cent wings. Perfect for a growing boy.

Ian is a great kid. He is his daddy made over from his sarcastic comments to all the teachers LOVING him. Ben and I have known each other since we were in middle school and I SWEAR it's like living it all over again. The girls say "Your son is so mean" and the teachers say "your son is such a joy to have in class" YEP! That is exactly what was said about Ben!! 

He is so tender-hearted. 
He LOVES golf.
He just started playing basketball.
He is obsessed with shoes and cleans every pair he owns.
He loves playing his Playstation but prefers to be outside.
He loves animals.
He is so sarcastic and I will never be able to come up with the stuff that he does.
He has a different "girlfriend" all the time.
He is already taller than me and it breaks my heart.
He is so quiet and will hardly speak until he gets to know you.
He DOES NOT like any attention focused on him.
He is smart and remembers the craziest facts.
He loves to annoy his sister. ;)

Happy 13th Birthday, Ian! We love you so much and SO PROUD of you!! Reach for the stars!! 

xoxo, Dad, Mom, and Ella! 

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