Lake Weekend

Happy Thursday Friends!! Hope your week has been great! It has flown by for us! BOO! We had such a fun weekend at the lake this past weekend that I didn't get a post up Monday to recap it! So I am sharing our awesome weekend today! I will go ahead and let you in on a little secret! We took a TON of pictures!! 

Lake Life

We got to The Boswell's Lake House pretty late on Thursday evening. So we got everything unpacked, the kids situated, and the adults headed out to the porch to chit chat and unwind! 

Friday looked a whole lot like this.....

LOTS of Tubing! 

Our  Captain, Rob! 

Co-Captain was taking his job real serious! HA 

Selfie with my LeighAnne! Love her!! 

After tubing for a while, we beached and let the kids swim for a while! 

One more selfie for the heck of it! 

Crazy Girls! 

Ella loves Sydney! 

Friday evening looked like this....
A Low Country Boil for dinner 

This view! 
Real shabby huh?!?!? 

LOVE this man! 

The Boswell's have the SWEETEST black lab, LuLu! She is just precious and LOVES the Lake!! Ian and Ella both asked if we could adopt her! Of Course, we can!! 

Selfie with Rob! 

Love this sweet friend of mine!! 

Saturday morning looked like this.....

Rob and LeighAnne took Ian and Brett out to wake board and knee board before the lake got too crowded! 

Once everyone was up and moving.....

This happened! 

I know you are surprised...

Bailey and Ella needed a break! 

They have it SO rough! 

We fed everyone lunch and then more tubing! 

Ben got on the tube! 

Oh, Ben...He is a kid at heart! 

Hang on, Brett! 

We LOST him!! 

Then this pretty lady got on the boat....

and Rob tubed! 

Look at him "showing off"

Of Course, Ben had to too! 😉

Then we LOST Rob! 

This beauty became the "Captain" 

That afternoon the kids swam at the dock while LeighAnne and I read our Kindles! 

LuLu wanted in so bad but wouldn't jump! 

Saturday evening, we grilled burgers for dinner and then went back out tubing and a sunset cruise! Then the kids swam at the dock for a while! 


Sweet Girls! 

Rob just LOVES pictures! HA 

LuLu just floatin' with the big girls! 

Memories made at the lake last a lifetime!! 

Sunday we tubed one last time and headed home after lunch :( 
We love when The Boswell's invite us to the lake!! We have the BEST time!! 

So are you sick of lake pictures or want to be included on the next trip??

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