Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! Hope you guys had a great week! We sure did! As usual, I am going to share a few our FAVORITES from this week! (and one not so FAVORITE)

Let me start off with my NOT SO FAVORITE... We have Open House in 2 weeks...yes in 2 weeks our summer vacation with almost be OVER and that makes me SO SAD. We heart Summer Break....

Ok, enough of my pity party....

First up a few new designs for my 

Etsy Shop

Apple Tumbler... Make sure to add your teacher's name! 

Adventure is out there...go grab it! 

This is SO me! I love me some coffee, Target, and Amazon Prime! 

Perfect for any occasion to "Cheers"  

Always be "Grateful" 

I know I say it all the time but these 2 pups are my FAVORITE! 
I mean just look at their rottenness...

She wanted to sleep and Ella wanted to play...

Duke was like "No pictures, Mom"

Ella made them signs that said "Free Chihuahua hugs" 

and "Free Pug Hugs" 

I mean...look at those faces! 

It is No secret that I love food! However, Chick-fil-a's cool wraps are a current FAVORITE of mine! 

In the meantime, this girl is loving helping in the kitchen especially if baking is involved. 

Last weekend, while Ella and I were at the mall with Grammy I ran into Lush. I picked up a new face mask and it is to die for! I love it! 

my face felt SO Smooth! 

mirror mirror on the wall
I mean stand! 
Y'all I have been wanting a magnifying mirror for our bathroom to apply my makeup, pluck my eyebrows, etc with...
Well, I Finally FOUND it!! Just look at this beauty! 

She's tall, thin, and everything I inspire to be! 😂

Ok Friends, I need your help with this one! I have been wanting to give my mantle a makeover and I have been wanting to use my tobacco "fences" that we found at an antique store last year! 
So I thought they would look great on my mantle. The wall is very tall. 
But I can't decide if I LOVE it...
What do you think? 

my main squeeze
Yesterday, Ben took his sales team out on the boat for the day! Ben is a firm believer in rewarding his team for performing well. In the Fall, he takes his sales team and their spouses out to a really nice dinner with an open bar. In the Summer, he always takes them out on the boat minus the spouses....Well this year, I "weaseled" my way on this outing! It was FABOULOUS! I mean he needed help getting the boat in and out of the water, he needed me to play "hostess". I mean, in reality, I did him a favor....😂😂😂

This was us trying to beat a rain storm at the end of the day!! 

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!

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