Fireworks and Framily

We had an awesome 4th of July weekend. Last week, I shared our time at the lake. So today I am going to share the 3rd & 4th of July!  

I say Fireworks and "Framily" because we spent the weekend with lots of Friends that feel more like Family so that makes us Framily!! 

Ben had to work on Monday the 3rd, so the kids and I went to the pool with Stephanie, Conyer, and Addison.

Later that evening, we went to see fireworks with Talia, Ryan, and the boys! 

Before the fireworks started we took lots of pictures. The kids were THRILLED! 

Love my CRAZY crew! 

Talia and Ryan with all their boys! They really are precious! 

Group picture! 

Poor Ella- the only girl! 

Besties since middle school! 

Talia and Ben have been friends since kindergarten! 

They had the cutest photobomber! 

Love this sweet man! 

The Men! 

Sweet Ella! 

That Toby is pretty funny! 

Awe! Ella took a picture with Talia since she is stuck with all boys all the time!! 

These boys have been friends since birth! I took Ian to the hospital to meet Noah! 

Unfortunately, they don't get to see each other as much as they use to but trust me they don't skip a beat with they do see each other! 

Look.... Ian can smile! 

Their height difference really cracks them up! They are only 6 months apart!  

After all the pictures, the kids ran around and played until it was time for fireworks! The parents chit-chatted and enjoyed adult beverages! 

Let the fireworks begin....

The morning of the 4th, Ben and Ian went to play golf with his dad and Ben Tanner! 

Ella and I stayed home and got ready for our 4th of July party! 

Yummy cupcakes! 

The sweetest mother in law! 

My sweet Steph! 

Just enjoying our red, white, and blue sangria

Southern ladies at their finest! 😉

After we were stuffed from hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the fixings
we enjoyed our own fireworks show! 

Those were the neighbor's fireworks...

These were Ben's 😂

Bless his heart! He tried! 

What did you do for the 4th? 

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