Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Home Sweet Home! We love going on vacation, but we love coming home!! I missed you guys SO much! I have a lot of catching up to do in blog land. I promise to get caught up this week and read all your post from last week! 

I will go ahead and warn you....PICTURE OVERLOAD! I am going to recap our week vacation into 2 days! I have a few other fun post planned this week, plus I figured by Friday you would be sick of our beach trip! HA 

I hope you will grab our graphic and link up below! 

We headed for Cinnamon Beach last Saturday around 8 am......

It was my family of 4, Ben's parents, my brother-in-law, and 3 dogs! 

We took 3 cars! HA 

In my car, it was myself, Ben, Ella, and Trixie! 

I look back and see this...

They were OUT.....

We got to our house around 3ish! 

The kids hit the pool immediately! 

Duke wasn't so sure about a new place! 

Later that evening, we ate pizza and wondered to the beach! 

Duke was NOT a fan of the beach, so Grammy held him tight! 

The other pups were fans. 

Grandaddy and Trixie! 

Poor Duke! 

Beautiful Sunset walking back to the house....

Soon after we got home.....

Traveling is hard! 


Sunday was intended as a day of rest.... ;)



We enjoyed RELAXING! 

Coffee and Cards.... on the back porch! 

Lots of pool and reading for this momma! 

Wednesday we spent the day at the Golf Hall of Fame. It was AWESOME! I will recap that experience tomorrow! 

Wednesday evening.....

My view! 

Later that evening, Ella and I took Trixie for a walk on the beach and we saw....


Laying her eggs

Making her way back to the ocean

She's probably thinking...I think I can, I think I can...

She finally made it back to the water! 


We spent most of the day in our little pool in the back yard! 

Love my silly crew!

I swear they have gills and I just haven't found them yet!! 

This girl finished Because of Winn-Dixie for our Summer Reading Club! 

Friday morning, Colleen and I went to enjoy our coffee on the back porch! 
Well we had a visitor! 

A Squirrel

The rest of Friday, it rained on and off so we headed to the outlets! 
Then back to the house to pack:( 

I know you are probably wondering why we didn't spend more time at the beach....
We did not have an easy access to the beach, so we opted for the pool! We were not dissappointed! We had a fantastic week! 

Don't forget to link up below! I can't wait to see what you share! 

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