Happy Birthday Ben!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby! Today he turns 38 years old~ I shared 37 things about me on my birthday back in January, so I thought it would be fun to share 38 things about Ben.  Well my opinion of him anyway! 

1. He is a perfectionist and a control freak. 

2. He drives like a bat out of hell

3. He is the General Sales Manager of his company.

4. He smokes cigars.

5. He started playing golf when he was a teenager.

6. He plays golf as often as he can.

7. He has been to The Masters.

8. He loves to sit on our back deck as much as possible. 

9. He is a workaholic. He works so hard to provide for our family.

10. He loves country music but more specific old country music.

11. His favorite golfer is David Duvall.

12. His favorite color is baby blue.

13. He loves to travel.

14. He loves his family BIG

15. He was diagnosed with gout when he was 24.

16. Sarcasm is the only language he knows. 

17. He tries to act mean and tough, but he is really a softie. 

18. He has 1 brother, Chris.

19. His parents have been married for 43 years.

20.  He graduated from Valdosta State University.

21. He was a walk-on golfer at VSU.

22. He played college golf with Kip Moore.

23. He played several golf tournaments against Bubba Watson.

24. I have never met a child that doesn't like Ben.

25. He has no living grandparents :(

26. His favorite country artist is Garth Brooks

27. He is a planner nerd, too.

28. He is an ink pen junkie.

29. He LOVES Mexican food and could eat it every day. Chicken fajita nachos to be exact.

30. He has no idea what day of the week our trash gets picked up. HA

31. He HATES social media but has a facebook account to use for work.

32. His grandmother called him the Tasmanian devil when he was a baby because he was everywhere in his walker.....so one of his nicknames because Taz and that's where we got our first pugs name, Tazy.

33. He cannot lounge around the house. I could stay in my pj's all day.

34. He is a morning person. He is ready to go the moment his eyes open.

35. He thinks I'm crazy for having this blog. HA

36. He wants to retire in the mountains on a lake. and of course, it has to have a golf course.

37. He loves being out on our boat.

38. He has amazing leadership skills. Always has.

We LOVE you Ben and hope this is the best birthday ever.

Thank you for loving me.
You are the best hubby and daddy we could ever ask for!!

LOVE this sweet man of mine!! 

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