Hello Monday {Vacation Recap}

Hello Monday! We are back to reality today, but at least we only have 19 more days of school left!! Yippeee~ Grab our graphic and join Johannah and me for Hello Monday! 

We had a FANTASTIC Spring Break! Today, I am going to share Days 1-3 with y'all! I will just go ahead and let you know I took LOTS of pictures!! 

We had a 2 bedroom condo booked in New Smyrna Beach, Florida! Friday, we drove half way and spent the night in Valdosta! Then Saturday morning, we fueled up at Cracker Barrel and hit the road!

We arrived at the beach that afternoon. We checked into the condo, unpacked, and hit the grocery store....along with everyone else in New Smyrna! 😝

After we unloaded groceries and ate a late lunch,  we hit the beach! 

But not before taking a dip in the pool and enjoying a glass of wine! 

It was extremely windy, so we changed out of our swimsuits! 

We wrote our name in the sand. 

strolling the beach with my honey! 

and enjoyed some adult beverages! 

We played shuffleboard! 

The boys ended up going to get pizza and greek salad for dinner from a local pizzeria called Manny's.
 It was SO YUMMY! 

We were all exhausted and hit the hay early.  

Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny made a stop at the beach! 
PS...I didn't find a sunrise service on the beach 😩

Later that morning.....

We relaxed by the pool......

She started The Babysitter's Club
 We have a Summer Reading Club...Check it out here


hit the beach to try our their new boogie boards! 

Which can also be used as the back of a chair! 😂😂

We built sandcastles! 

This stainless steel wine tumbler is AMAZING! I used it all week and it kept my drinks wine good and cold! 

Ridin' the Waves...

We give the beach a "thumbs up"

Easter Dinner, we drove over to Daytona to eat at....

Aunt Catfish's...
oh my glitter it was delicious 

After dinner, the kids wanted to ride Go-Karts! 

We pulled into the parking lot and saw this HUGE bird nest on top of the light post! 

Love this MAN! 

Ready to RIDE!! 

Such a fun first full day at the beach!! 

Monday the boys went to play golf! As they were getting in the car, I said "Ben, please take pictures because this will be Ian's FIRST time playing golf at the beach" Ben's response "OK, Babe"

The boys get home from golf..."Ben show me the pictures from today" Ben "OOPS" 😡

While the boys were golfing...the girls enjoyed a stroll on the beach! 

and we made a few new friends along the way! 


Ben and Ian return from golfing later that afternoon and we spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening on the beach just playing and relaxing!! 

I tried REALLY hard to make her a mermaid tail but failed miserably! HA 
My sister's husband can make AMAZING sand castles and mermaid tails! So Ella's exact words to me were "Mom, no offensive but Uncle Stacey is so much better at mermaid tails then you" 
No offensive taken Ella! 😂😂😂😂

She was trying to hit sand golf balls! 

They made a golf hole! 

He worked really hard to make it look like an actually golf hole from Augusta National! 

Hitting his sand golf balls! HA 

Happy Mama watching her babies play while her toes are in the sand!! 

I cooked mexican in the condo for dinner! 

We ended our Monday with snuggles! 

When the beach wears you out.....

We had a great first few days of vacation!! 

I will share Days 3 & 4 with you guys tomorrow! 

Here is a look at our Spring Break Bucket List so far...

Well I am off to drink A LOT of coffee.... and get back into our routine! 

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