Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope you guys had a fantastic week! We sure did around here!! 
Like most Friday's, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!! 

One of my FAVORITE things to do is read... Wednesday I shared what I read in March. One of the books I shared was Light After Dark by Marie Force. That evening I got a "ding" from my phone of incoming emails and look at the email I recieved from Marie. How cool was that?!?!?! The Ganset Island Series is one of my FAVORITE Series ever. 

My point proven. I LOVE to read! And if I sit down for any length of time. Trixie thinks she needs to be in my lap! 

I looked over and saw Duke like this.....

Lazy Pups..

Just about every night, Trixie sleeps with Ian. Then when my alarm goes off I take the pups out to potty. When Trixie gets done doing her business, she immediately goes to Ella's bedroom to get back in the bed because she has figured out that Ella is the last one to get up in the mornings. HA 

Sleeping is one of Trixie's FAVORITE things to do!!! 

Tuesday I shared some of my FAVORITE maker friends and some gift ideas for Teachers~ 
One item I shared was my beloved stamps from Nicole over at Yellowbess. Well after I got finished photographing them for my post one of the kids needed me and I forgot to get them from my photo prop.
 Well Trixie got a hold of one......😩
She is clearly NOT my FAVORITE pup right now. 

Speaking of Trixie....

Yesterday morning, she decided to stay in bed with Ben. She must have known it was his birthday. HA 
But when he got up to get ready for work...she DID NOT. All you could see were her paws and tail sticking out of the comforter.

Yesterday morning, I had a breakfast date with my FAVORITE girl at her FAVORITE resturant! 

Yesterday afternoon, I had a lunch date with my FAVORITE guy! He skipped out of work early and headed to the golf course!! His FAVORITE thing to do! 

We have a fun weekend planned doing a few of our FAVORITE things, eating one of our FAVORITE meals, and hanging out with some of our FAVORITE people!! 

I will tell you all about it Monday!! Join Johannah and I for Hello Monday!! 

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