Hello Monday

Good Bye Weekend and Hello Monday! We have a 4 day week and then we are on SPRING BREAK!! We cannot WAIT!! 
As usual, I am recapping our weekend~ 

We had a FANTASTIC Weekend, but I did the ultimate blogger FAIL. I didn't take one picture and to make it worse I didn't even realize that huge mistake until Saturday night at 10 pm.
So today, I will recap our weekend in words. I know....not nearly as much fun as pictures. I am SO SO sorry! I am pretty mad at myself! 

Friday started off with my mother in love and I going to the Growers Outlet to get flowers for my pots. We had a little bit of extra time before we had to start carpool duties so we googled antique places. We discovered a fantastic antique mall. It was great and we hope to go back soon! 

Friday afternoon, Colleen dropped Ian off at the golf course with Ben on her way home. I picked up Ella and a friend from school. They played and I planted my flowers in pots! 
Why haven't I taken even one picture at this point? I have no clue! 

Saturday we woke up, the boys headed to the golf course! While I went into major cleaning mode because I was having 11 people over that evening for a low country boil!! 

Around 1:00, Ella and I had the house ready for our guest, so her and I snuck out to run a few errands! 
Then around 4:00, friends and family started arriving! Ben set up the TV on the back deck! We had The Master's on.....I know....SHOCKER! 
We had the best evening! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the company was amazing! 
We ate, drank, and laughed!! 
Ben's parents, Jud, Stephanie, Conyer, and Addison, Matt, Kayla, and Baby Wes. and Rob and Brett all joined us for the celebration!  
It was 10:00 when The Smith's were leaving and I looked at Stephanie and said "Oh my gosh, I didn't take one picture tonight" and that's when it hit me...BLOGGER FAIL! 
Sunday, my guys headed back to the golf course, Ella and I laid low. Then we meet the guys at the club for brunch! 
We came home and watched The Masters. Ben and Ian think Master's Sunday is just about the best day ever!! 
Congrats to Sergio Garcia! 2017 Masters Champ! 

It feels completely strange to not be adding any pictures on this post. 
We have a busy week ahead, but a fun one!! Can't wait to read your "Hello Monday" post! So grab our graphic from above and link up with us!! 

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