Golf, Mascots, and Field Day....Oh My!

Y'all I am EXHAUSTED!! This time of year is just as busy as Christmas Time for us!! It seems like the schools throw in every last minute activity in the last 25 days of school!! And Holy Cow...I am feeling it!! 

So I am going to share a little bit of our CRAZY week so far!! and spoiler alert....Today and Friday are just MADNESS!! HA

This past Saturday, Ian played in another golf tournament! Again...Picture OVERLOAD! 

He started off on the putting green...

His caddy...AKA Daddy with his name on the back! I LOVE it! 

Grandma Deb and Granddaddy came to cheer him on! 

Meeting the other golfers~! 

Getting ready to tee off! 

His biggest supporter...his daddy! 

Chris found a baby turtle on one of the fairways and took him back to the water! 

My sweet mama! 

Adding up his opponents score. 

He didn't get his lowest in this round, but he still did great for being his 2nd tournament ever! 

Hopefully, one day when he is playing winning the Masters they will need these pictures from when he "started" HA 

I have spent most of the week trying to get caught up on laundry from vacation! But it just keeps growing! 

Do you see that bird on my board in my craft room??????

Well while we were on vacation a bird built a nest in the wreath on my front door and I didn't know it! So Saturday morning at 6:30 AM when I went to let the dogs out to potty a bird FLEW into our house and hit me in the head!! I screamed.....the dogs were not even phased! HAHAHAHA ....

So I let the dogs potty and my heart calm down....then I came in and woke up Ben! We then spent about 15 minutes trying to get the bird out of our HOUSE! Every time it would fly near me I would duck and scream and Ben would yell at me that I wasn't helping!! Y'all it was comical...well now anyway! It wasn't at 6:30 on a Saturday morning!! HAHAHAHA 

Monday afternoon...Chopper from the Gwinnett Braves (our local farm league team that feeds into the Atlanta Braves) came to our school to promote our school's night at the game in a few weeks! 

The best AP and Principal in the whole world! 

Some of our wonderful office staff! 

Ella use to be TERRIFIED of Chopper but not anymore!! 

On Tuesday this sweet girl had field day!! Again....picture OVERLOAD!! Sorry! 

Her favorite activity is musical chairs! 

Sweet Girls! 

We had the best time at field day!! 

I have been super busy with school activities and Etsy Orders!! At least it is all super fun stuff! but there is no slowing down till school gets out!! 15 more days...but who's counting?!?!? 🙋

Hope you guys have a great day!! I'm off to sell tickets and start decorating for the 8th grade dance at the middle school!! 

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