What's Up Wednesday

So the last Wednesday  of every month I link up with  MelShay, and Sheaffer  to answer these questions

1. What we are eating this week? 

Monday- Pasta with Mariana sauce
Tuesday- Tacos 
Wednesday- Rita chicken
Thursday-Soup and Sandwiches 
Friday- out

I really need to spice things up around here ;)

2. What I'm reminiscing about? 

This guy playing basketball!

For months, we went and watched Cory play at least 2 games a week, now that basketball is over we don't know what to do with ourselves!! 

3. What I'm loving? 

I read on Shay 's blog several times about this Clinique moisture surge overnight mask for dry skin! Well my skin has been so dry this winter so I picked it up over the weekend and it is AMAZING~~

4. What we've been up to? 

Golf- Ian has decided to not play baseball this spring and focus on golf! So I have golf clubs all over my house! For instance, Friday after work we are meeting Ben here...

If you need us, you will know where to find us!! haha

5. What I'm dreading? 

I am so dreading testing this year! Spring Break is early this year, so testing is after spring break and I am not looking forward to it! Ian struggles with test taking and it has my stomach in knots thinking about it!!

6. What I'm working on?

Creations for 'Oh My Glitter'

7. What I'm excited about? 

We haven't finalized any plans yet, but I'm excited about a break!!

8. What I'm watching?

Thank Goodness this is almost over!!

I have a feeling this show is about to come to an end as well! :(

9.  What I'm reading? 

I am still on the 'Maid for Love' series by Marie Force!

10. What I'm listening to? 

When I am in my craft room working I always turn on iheart Radio- and just pick a country station!

11. What I'm wearing? 


 a flannel shirt, jeans, and flats 

My Blardigan and leggings!!

12.  What I'm doing this weekend? 

Golf and hopefully grilling out with friends! 

A low-key weekend sounds perfect!

13. What I'm looking forward to next month? 

14. What else is new? 

Next week is 

and I dress up as...

Bonus question? What is your favorite Easter tradition? 

Going to church Easter Morning!! 
I love the feeling of new life knowing that our savior has RISEN! 

Happy Hump Day Friends!!



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  1. ill def need to check that book out! were voting on our new book club book on my blog and i'd love for you to come vote and read with us next month! so glad i found you through the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine!